Banana Kong Mod Apk

Download Banana Kong Mod Apk (Unlimited Bananas, Hearts)

Introduction Game

Banana Kong Mod APK (Unlimited Bananas, Hearts) latest version free download for Android. This is a fun role-playing game for Android devices and free to experience. In this game, players will take on the task of helping the monkey Monkey avoid the “storm” of bananas and collect lots of other fruits to increase power.

Ride pigs or fly with toucan birds to overcome dangerous obstacles such as giant rocks, crocodiles, piranhas and boiling lava. Nature can become a dangerous opponent.

While running through the forest you will find yourself running faster than your friends. Thanks to full integration with Game Services you can see the distance of your friends right in this game. Compare high scores and unlock achievements while improving your playing style.

High dynamic game technology will bring exciting experience in non-stop running steps. Each running session is a new challenge because that level is randomly built. Collect as many bananas as possible to refill the energy bar. Use powerful throws to destroy obstacles or choose alternate running paths such as underground rock caves or climbing tree tops. Find out the secrets and unlock extra features to experience the game to the fullest.

Kong’s monkey work in this game is like being haunted by bananas like a character in the Nintendo series. Everything was knocked down, creating an avalanche full of bananas that Kong needed to run quickly, so he would have to run continuously and that was the focus of the game.

King will automatically sprint, with one touch will help it jump out of the air. Keeping your finger down will help Kong slip in a short distance, while gliding to the right will cause massive devastating force by breaking the obstacles that appear in the run.

I3XKaEY - Banana Kong (Unlimited Bananas, Hearts)Banana Kong APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

  • Cloud Save
  • HD Display support
  • Full Game Services integration
  • Ride animals
  • One thumb controls
  • 10 seconds from launching the game to playing it.

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Reviews Of Game

Ross Papas: Just an amazing game to play and I play it with my mum nearly all of the time and everything is perfect about it . No glitches,no crappy graphics. I highly recommend this game for any age and even for your old grandma and grandad to play. Also the controls are simple and easy. This is probably one of the best games you can get!!!! Please download this game because you’ll be thanking me and I feel like the makers should get more reputation for this game.

Chance Brookshire: Banana Kong is a great game its where your getting chase by all the banana’s. You can also dash to get away from the banana’s. You can go through caves and other stuff you have quest that can be completed and have diffrent type of things you can buy in the shop to help you escape all the banana’s This is why you should get the app

Kahil Sturgess: When i first encountered Banana Kong, i thought what could go wrong. Came for the cheap bananas but stayed for the in depth character arc that Mr kong goes through. A wise man once told me when something important enters your life you hang on to it with all you got, that has never been more true with this game. I used to think very little of mobile games, BUT NO MORE!!! This game changes everything!!! Banana kong has set new standards for all games on any platform. Banana Kong is a must play.