Publisher VOODOO,
Category Arcade, Offline,
Latest Version 1.31
Size 69MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Requirements Android 4.4+
Updated On September 14, 2021
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Introduction Game

Ball Blast Mod Apk (Unlimited Money, Gems) latest version free download for Android. Ball Blast – VooDoo’s addictive shooting game. Like so many other games of VooDoo. Ball Blast is also a small game, no plot and highly addictive. The game is divided into levels, you complete the screen to unlock new guns, new wallpapers and earn money to upgrade your guns.

In the game screen, the balls carrying numbers from above fall, then bounce up and down repeatedly. Your mission is to shoot these balls and move left or right to dodge them as they fall.

When hit, the number of balls will decrease to the end and explode into 2 smaller balls carrying the number of 1/2 first ball. When small to a certain size they will explode and disappear (so the game called Ball Blast)

Highly addictive game when putting on the elements of Lv, Best score to be able to clearly see the gradual progress through the game screen, with the mentality of “missing a little bit over the screen” makes you play through this stage through the screen other. But no matter how you remember to play moderation, do not play the game for more than 3 hours / day.

Ball Blast Mod ApkBall Blast Mod Apk – Gameplay Screenshot

Game Features

  • Avoid the corners: It can be tempting to slide into a corner and blast at the balls as they move over head. Don’t do it though, because more often than not one of the balls is going to land on your side. Killing you before you’ve had a chance to take it out. Staying in one spot also makes the coins more difficult to collect.
  • Keep moving: The best way to avoid the balls is to keep on the move. You’re going to want to be shooting them for as long as possible.
  • Watch the bounces: The balls all bounce in slightly different ways when they come onto the screen, depending on their size and their point of origin. Big balls, for example, will lumber on slowly, do a single bounce, and then ricochet up to the top of the screen. Know the bounces and you’ll be able to take advantage of them.
  • Upgrade your coins: It’s easy to focus on upgrading your BPM and damage scores, but don’t forget to upgrade the number of coins you get from each of the balls you destroy. It’s all well and good being able to take them out. But you want to make sure that you’re getting the best reward for doing it. Upgrade the coins you get when you’re not playing when you can, but don’t worry about it too much.
  • Second chances: If you’re close to the end of a level, it’s always worth watching a video to keep playing when you’ve died. The same goes for any videos that give you extra coins. Obviously if they’re offering ten coins it’s fine to give them a miss. But keeping your coffers filled will give you the best chance to get as far as possible in the game.

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Reviews Of Game

Luke Downton: pretty good game to blow a few minutes on if you’re bored, my only complaint is that i got to 2.93k gems by getting them in the daily chest and now… not a single gem comes from the chests. ever. it’s been a month since i hit that number and i literally only pull coins now. just frustrating cause i was trying to save bit by bit for the 3k skin. seems very cheesy and greedy to basically put an invisible pay wall in your game. (edit) got gems like 3 days after posting this, bumped up to 4 stars

Federico Undurraga Alamos: Quite a good game for killing time. My problem is when you choose not to give information. By doing this a super annoying notification keeps appearing telling me to change my setting. This notification doesn’t allow for a good gaming experience as you can’t see the points and progress. If you fox this I’ll give 5 stars for sure

S Linen Jr: I’m A Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ user and it would be great if I had the option to use either my finger OR my S Pen. A pretty solid time waster. A simple but enjoyable game. As you progress the balls require more hits to be destroyed but sometimes the number of hits they require just seems almost silly. I don’t mind a challenge, but when you’re blasting one ball for so long it becomes a little annoying. But good game overall.

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