Publisher Yostar Limited,
Category Action,
Latest Version 6.1.2
Size 2GB
MOD Features No
Requirements 4.4+
Updated On September 17, 2022
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Azur Lane Introduction

Azur Lane :Fighting games with the main characters are attractive anime girls that are always favorite games for many players. The attractive appearance, the cute face of the anime characters are some of the reasons why this game genre is so attractive for players.

Azur Lane  APK – Gameplay Screenshot

In the game, you will play as a fleet commander, storming the ocean to fight enemies from other countries. It sounds pretty boring, especially for those of you who are familiar with strategy games.

The commander of the fleet of battleships in Azur Lane is not some masked hero or the usual grim-faced officer. It’s the beautiful anime female characters. All-female commander characters in Azur Lane are designed with typical anime style.

All of them are very beautiful, their appearance is flawless, and their faces are so cute. It doesn’t look like a fighter or a female general, but when going to the fight, the beautiful characters become different people. This strange one-of-a-kind combination has made Azur Lane attract players at first sight.

Game conducts naval battles in a way that simulates battleship shooting combined with tactical elements and the art of arranging battle. At the beginning of the battle, each fleet will move in two rows. In the upper row are destroyers and cruisers, responsible for advance, reconnaissance, and overwhelming attack from the start. The bottom rows are cruisers and aircraft carriers. These ships are responsible for covering the rear of the above line.

Main Features

  • A unique mix of RPG.
  • Easy and intuitive gameplay.
  • Organize up to six ships into flotilla.
  • Build your own fleet.
  • More than 300 ships.

Azur Lane Reviews:

Brandon B.: I have been playing this game for awhile and I’m enjoying it. You can play the game without ever having to spend money, so that’s nice. The only thing I wish the devs would add would be more military style skins for ships. It doesn’t matter if they come with the base ship or are extra skins, but if they are extra, my wallet would be a hell of a lot lighter.

David Armstrong: Gameplay is great! It is free-to-play. There is no pay wall. The graphics and sound are excellent. There are enough variations and events to keep it interesting. I have really enjoyed this. The one negative is that the game takes a lot of memory! If you have a slower phone or less memory you may have lagging issues.

linalover1977: It’s like a Bullet Hell version of Pokemon. You gotta catch them all, and there’s plenty of RPG aspects as far as upgrading your shipgirls. Plus the auto play feature is nice if you are too busy to go full hands on but still want to make progress. Also, the auto play feature is great for farming.

Download Azur Lane APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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