Publisher Phoenix Mobile,
Category Strategy,
Latest Version 1.961
Size 148MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Requirements Android 4.2+
Updated On September 14, 2021
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Introduction Game

Auto Chess War APK is  a strategy game using the formula from the famous DOTA 2 mod Auto Chess. The game is set in a medieval fantasy world where races like elves, goblins and other magical creatures live.

Gameplay in Auto Chess War is not much different from games of the same genre such as DOTA Underlords or Chess Rush. Basically, you need to fight against your opponent for 15 consecutive rounds. The winner of each round will earn bonuses and equipment to help his team get stronger and stronger.

Although the combat mechanism of Auto Chess War for Android seems complicated, players can understand it after only a few rounds. Each round, you will command a unit on the battlefield. These units will attack automatically, but you can choose their original position on the chessboard. The key of the game is to strategically combine units to create a balanced army and destroy enemies quickly.

In each round, players can spend money on new characters, save money for the next round or promote for generals. Your level is very important because it determines how many units you will own.

Auto Chess War Mod ApkAuto Chess War APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

  • Magical-realist characters and scenes. Human, Orc, Elf, and Beast allows you an exotic experience
  • Unique battle view and gorgeous effects
  • Your battle progress will be saved automatically, so please feel free to turn off the game and come back latter
  • The roguelike Adventure provides different experience to you with each new Adventure
  • Endless Challenge allows you to break your limits by increase the final wave by 5 with each stage clear

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Reviews Of Game

Pzyxkhe Official: This is like rushing chess but okay! I love the gameplay and have endless mode that you can play as long as you have hp. And let me remove the negative reviews that have the energy / endurance system to play. The developers are so kind that they removed it in the previous update. Now we can play and enjoy the game as long as we want! And no advertising forces! You can watch ads to gain advantage! This game is the best and not made by low ratings! People make mistakes!

Esperon101: Why are the ratings so low ?! I played this game and it definitely deserves 5 *! And it is also offline! So you can play it whenever / wherever you want! I really like the “Chess Slay the Spire” Auto Chess game to unlock and create decks of cards. It makes it unique compared to all the other automatic Chess I’ve played. I hope you keep updating the game, reputation for developers!

Vikram Elangovan: A great initiative of developers … Automated offline chess is a great time killer. Would be great with many summoners. One thing I find problematic is that ranged heroes sometimes don’t attack their opponents when they are out of range (even if they can get closer). Please fix it as soon as possible. Wish you good work and good luck.

Mar Signa: This game is of a higher quality than other autochess games on the playstore. There are some typos but that’s not a problem I just want new adventures. Map and a feature that we will be able to test the combination. And the power of the cards that we get through the job. Let them fight with each other in an organized squad.

AlfredJohn Beruan: It’s a perfect game for me. When suddenly I couldn’t seem to access adventure mode, what happened? Is this a bug? Please help, I can only play endless edit mode now. Now it’s fixed, great kantotan game.

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