Publisher Electronic Arts,
Category Action,
Latest Version 1.1.839.43
Size 2.9GB
MOD Features Unlocked All
Requirements Android 6.0++
Updated On July 16, 2022
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Apex Legends Mobile Introduction

Apex Legends Mobile Mod APK (Unlocked All) is a strategy battle royale shooter game that features Legendary character-based gameplay, best-in-class squad battles, and fast-paced combat that cemented the game’s place as one of the top shooters, all in a mobile package.


If you’re a true gamer, then there are a lot of fun games you can play right now. You can have fun with so many incredible games that will let you have fun with many different topics.

There are games available for different topics like racing, action, shooting, RPG, simulation, puzzles, and many more. But if you’re someone who loves shooting, then Apex Legends Mobile Mod APK is for you!

Apex-Legends-Mobile-APK1Apex Legends Mobile Mod APK – Gameplay Screenshot

This is the ultimate game for you to enjoy if you love playing battle royale games right now. There are a lot of available battle royale games, but this one is one of the newest!

It’s popular in the PC category, but now that it has come to mobile, it possesses a lot of potentials. Here, you can enjoy unique heroes to play with and many guns to use. There’s a massive map for you to play in, but only one can win!

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Main Features

Strategic Gameplay with Iconic Legends

  • Strategy, tactical squad play, and Battle Royale is the core of our DNA!
  • FPS, TPS, and combat action with an arsenal of exotic weaponry, equipment, and tactical abilities
  • Shoot with a gun that fits your playstyle! SMG, Assault Rifle, LMG, or Shotgun
  • Arena matches require fast-paced strategic choices in order for survival
  • Legends await! Choose from a cast of beloved Legends as well as exclusive characters to the mobile version of the game
  • Master each character with unique abilities and personalities to find a Legend that fits an array of playstyles

Team-based Multiplayer Hero Shooter

  • Squad up with two other players in competitive PvP team battle games
  • Legendary squads are formed by combining each teammates’ unique skillset
  • Multiplayer squad play with strategic combinations and evolving tactics
  • Fight and join forces with friends and players alike in epic battle royale games

High-Octane Battle Royale Competition

  • PvP FPS & TPS hero shooter combat gameplay, now more fast-paced and innovative
  • Shooting gunplay and movement more fluid than ever
  • Battle Royale fun amplified with exhilarating action
  • Rooted in an Immersive and Ever-Evolving Apex Legends Universe
  • Fight to survive unpredictable conditions and challenges
  • New Legends are continuously introduced to test players’ skills

Mobile First Adaptations & Innovations

  • A standalone Apex Legends title on mobile
  • Optimized UI and controls custom-built for mobile devices
  • Unique mobile-only content and gameplay modes
  • New Legends, maps, gameplay, modes, progression, and live events

Apex Legends Mobile Reviews

Captain Jellyfish: This game is compatible with controller, I don’t think that’s a problem by itself but it needs to not mix people playing on the screen and people playing on controller. Between leaving the dropship and a few seconds after touching the ground there’s usually a grand total of 5 frames. Don’t know if this is a performance or connection issue, but it happens even on good connection

WiseGuise: I’m really enjoying this. I havent played Apex since about season 3 on PC, but this port is great. I like how they added side abilities to the characters to add a bit of gameplay customization. The only issue I have is a lot of times I’ll get a full squad and get into a match and one of the team mates will lose connection. Why isn’t there a single player option?

Eloy V: The game is pretty good so far, the button placement can be confusing at times. But once accustomed to, they’re fine. Gameplay is smooth, even at the highest graphic settings. Movement is alright, sliding mechanics need some work, there’s times where I can’t cancel out of a slide. Aiming is okay, I can get kills easily, it does feels a bit clunky at times. But overall, it’s good enough to still get kills. I noticed I’m starting to see aim botters already. That might be a big problem down later.

Download Apex Legends Mobile APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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