Angry Birds Evolution Mod Apk

Download Angry Birds Evolution Mod Apk 2.9.0 (High Damage) + OBB

Introduction Game

Angry Birds Evolution is the latest member of the Rovio family’s Angry Birds series. In the game, you will build an army of angry birds, train them and kick the insolent green pigs off the bird island. Angry Birds Evolution APK is a new turn-based fighting RPG game launched for Android mobile users. The player’s task is to create a team of powerful bird warriors, train them and put them into battle to defeat the ugly pigs that steal eggs.

According to the developer’s recommendation, Angry Birds Evolution has over 100 brand new birds for players to collect and develop, including birds that can use super skills and transform into unique shapes. .

In addition, the game also has weekly events, PvP matches (between people) and more than 90 types of pigs to steal bird eggs. Why not step into the fun battle in Angry Birds Evolution for Android today?

The game is designed with super nice 3D graphics, detailed, funny and colorful colors to create a scene that is both chaotic, fun and humorous. Besides, the lively sound also helps the user’s game experience more fully.

qizJ0f2 - Angry Birds Evolution 2.9.0 (High Damage) + OBBAngry Birds Evolution APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

  • Over 100 newly hatched angry birds for you to collect.
  • Gathered into a powerful flock of birds.
  • Upgrade and evolve your feathered heroes.
  • Explore the island and stop the ugly pigs Bacon Corp.
  • Fight with other players in the game Pigball.
  • Play in the arena and climb to higher leagues.
  • Receive new rewards and new challenges.

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Reviews Of Game

Scott Taylor: Overall good experience. I am an “older player” so the learning curve takes a bit longer. It takes a while to learn and then build up teams by only earning awards through game play. I would like to see this game and others showing two levels of play. One, with player scores only playing with the given parameters of the game. Second level, of those players that play money. Looking at the in game stats it is discouraging looking at other player stats thinking they earned that within the game.

Chantelle McLean: I like this game a lot. Eagle mountain is still a real pain in the butt. It takes a lot of my diamonds and does not give me anything in return. Wish they would let us have more than 26 premium hatch tickets in our hatchery that was from more than just eagle mountain. We get a lot from events that’s we can’t save because we are only allowed so many of those in our hatchery. Need to change things.

Vetiti Yen: I think my favorite angry birds of all time. Of course there are going to be big advantages to paying subscription or buying extras with a huge game like this. However, even free play allows progression in campaign and allows event participation. Very enjoyable game! My only note would be to have a settings for utilizing a touch pen, allowing more accurate control. Thank you for you time