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Updated On July 28, 2022
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American Dad! Apocalypse Soon Introduction

American Dad! Apocalypse Soon APK, a game that is based on the American cartoon of the name, is available. This animated blockbuster has been a hit since its release.

Everything about American Dad! Apocalypse Soon will make you think hard: who should be sent, what moves are right, what strategy is needed to defeat the enemy… The beauty of American Dad! Apocalypse Soon , although it is based on the original cartoon setting, has many new and interesting features. Let’s see now!


American-Dad!-Apocalypse-Soon-APK1American Dad! Apocalypse Soon – Gameplay Screenshot

The story starts with Langley Falls. One fine day, suddenly, a series of UFOs flew down and rained bullets on everything, objects, architecture, people…, creating unprecedented chaos. UFOs used strange lights to illuminate their faces and then took them onboard ships. Stan, a exemplary town resident, will be your character. In an inexplicable twist of fate, the Stans were taken by aliens.

Stan Smith, Stan Smith’s father, was the only one who wasn’t caught and began to search for ways to save his family and fight the aliens.

Everything was in ruins. Stan decided that he would use his home to create a military base. As Stan, you will begin to build and gradually turn this place into a grand strategic space with many different function rooms, such as a money-printing room, cloning laboratory, weapon- equipment-making tunnel… And with an extraordinary effort of a breadwinner, Stan (also you) saved his family and became the sole breadwinner of mankind.

Your mission is to combine your strength, skill and wisdom with the help of a group of Roger clones to defeat the aggressive aliens. You will need to do many things within the house to prepare for fighting. Print money to create a bunker. After that, you can repair the house with money. Then, divide the rooms and build a laboratory for cloning. Next, make Roger clones (doppelgangers) to continue making items, weapons, and more. The game is about money, so make sure you always have access to it. You can also buy a wide range of equipment to equip yourself and your fellow clones. You should then conduct quick training for your army of clones. Send each one out to fight the aliens.

Although the game may look childish, it is not suitable for children.


And I don’t think kids will enjoy playing American Dad! Apocalypse Soon APK is also available! This game is basically a strategy RPG. You heard it right. Strategy, not battle.

The micro and macro management phases are the main things that will consume the most time. You will ultimately face the enemy in the final battle. You will need to spend time planning, building bases, and creating strategies to repel your enemy. Overall, it seems to be fun but it’s very difficult to play and full of tactical requirements. Adults can’t even play yet.

The game progress is so interesting that players can’t stop playing

This is the basic progression. You can also use this space to live, work and research.

You can only unlock a handful of basements at first, in order to monitor the movements and traitors on ground. Also, you can hide in the act of revenge. With the money you have printed and gained from ground attacks, you can unlock more underground areas and develop advanced technologies. You will also be able to support the long-term war later.

The time spent crafting and strategizing will result in some small and big battles between the aliens or humans that are their minions. These gunfights occur in turn-based combat but at a very fast pace. These bloody battles provide the incentive to finish all of the preparations and to enjoy fighting. Strategy game fans see each battle as a summary of all the hard work they put in underground laboratories and crafting rooms.

No matter what genre you like, you will be excited by the fast and furious gunfights between Stan’s clone army and enemies on the ground.


An army of Roger clones is never short of weapons and equipment

American Dad! Apocalypse Soon Stan will need to create a variety of weapons to equip his army and himself. You can use them all, ranged or melee. Sometimes even a magic potion. For melee combat, there are sticks, Christmas trees, axes, charms, swords… For long-range combat, there are bows and arrows, pistols, rifles, and super strong one like Plasma guns. Their humanoid appearance, as well as a wide range of clothing styles (street gangster, medieval, horror school or simulation of aliens) allow Roger army to transform quickly.

Two game modes

There are two main game modes in American Dad! Apocalypse Soon APK. You can use machine AI in PvE mode. You will follow the progression in the game and perform hundreds of small and big missions according to the overall theme of the story. Father Stan is still the ultimate goal. He must save his family, and save all of humanity. You will be able to lead your Roger army against other players on the ground when you play in PvP mode.

I enjoy playing PvE most because I love the plotline in the cartoon so I believe a plot like that is more realistic.

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Main Features

American Dad: A New Chapter! universe

  • This story takes place in Langley Falls. This RPG is for the American Dad! Characters you love and know.

Humorous stories written in collaboration by American Dad! Writers

  • You will have a great time laughing at authentic American Dad! As you play the game, make jokes! You will find the story-driven RPG campaign hilarious.

Multi-layer RPG with lots of customization

  • You have many customization options that will allow you to create a stylish and unstoppable Roger army. To survive underground, you will need the right armor and weapons to defeat your enemy. You can play the role of Stan, and survive the apocalypse.

To command and upgrade the entire Smith family

  • Your shelter will be built and upgraded to provide protection for Stan and his armies. Rearrange the rooms to give the house the look and feel that’s uniquely “you”.

A PvE campaign to save the world and a PvP arena to prove you’re the best!

  • You can enjoy the apocalypse solo or with friends. American Dad! has both solo and multiplayer modes – battle it out against other Smith families! Show the whole world that you’re the last Stan standing.

American Dad! Apocalypse Soon Reviews

Larry Cadieux: The game is fun and enjoyable to play. Although I enjoy the game, did you notice that these Roger clones can pull drinks from behind their bodies even when they don’t have clothes? I have a question: where does …. get their stuff?🤔

John Brito:  Ok. It was a lot of fun. It’s a cloned of similar games, with an American dad skin. It’s fun but repetitive. It can get boring very quickly.

SpiritOfTheWarriors 6,24: This game looks great. I hope that the PVP is not serious as I would love to play this game solo. Although I’m a low-level player, I’m excited to see how customization works on the main heroes if it is true.

Edger Friendly: It’s fine to feel the urge to spend money on something that isn’t necessary. Even if it’s just for an idea, it has no purpose in life.

SG Stevie King: You’ll find a lot of strategies and building aspects, which will keep you interested for a while. You will also find references to the show throughout the game, which is very addictive.

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