Publisher Playkot LTD,
Latest Version 1.21
Size 136MB
MOD Features Invincible
Requirements Android 4.4+
Updated On September 16, 2021
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Introduction Game

Age of Magic Mod Apk (Invincible). Age of Magic is a new turn-based role-playing game from Playkot. You play as a true mage, fighting the dark enemies and bringing light back to the world.

Darkness is creeping into every corner of the world. Every night, the light in the sky became weaker and dimmer. Nearly all the light was swallowed up by the demons of the Dark Legion. However, a glimmer of hope could save this situation.

The Dragon’s prophecy states that one of the great magicians will enter the Tower of Darkness and save the future of the universe. Are you the magician that prophecy refers to?

Join Age of Magic RPG for Android, you will enter a fierce battle, monumental with master wizards and save the world at risk of destruction. Collect and level up legendary heroes to bring them into fast-paced battles on the beautiful arena. Kobolds, Elves, Demons, Mages Raccoon Angry, Dragonkins, Ra’Archnes, Swamp Witches … dozens of unique and powerful characters are waiting for you to go to battle.

Age of Magic Mod ApkAge of Magic Mod Apk – Gameplay Screenshot

Game Features

  • STORY CAMPAIGNS. Explore the vast Age of Magic world pierced through with the powers of light and darkness. Meet legendary heroes and fight epic battles with terrifying enemies. Follow the story of Roland the True Mage and his quest for the Dark Tower. Step into darkness and meet changeling assassin Sharazar, who will stop at nothing to get what he came for.
  • PVP. Build the ultimate party of heroes and challenge other players in the PvP Arena daily. But that’s not all! Prove yourself in the 24-hour Tournament every week. Fight your way to the top to win glory and epic rewards! To the most valiant fighter go the spoils!
  • LEGENDARY HEROES. Collect over 70+ epic heroes, level them up and gear them out with powerful weapons and armour, and upgrade their abilities and rarity. Use different strategies and form your dream team of heroes to build the strongest party in the world!
  • FAST-PACED BATTLES. Lead your party into quick but tactical turn-based epic battles in grand arenas where the visuals are stunning and every choice counts!
  • LOTS OF OTHER MODES. The Tomb of Horrors and Valley of Treasures will test your limits as you battle powerful enemies guarding unique rewards. Join events to face tricky characters with even trickier abilities, and test your strength no matter what the challenge!

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Reviews Of Game

Edwin Mafla: I’m amazed by the visuals. The writing in the campaign is kind of funny, but the characters are pretty cool. It has an interesting approach on how the characters level up, by letting the player choose which characters can level and which ones cannot with leveling potions. The interface is easy to navigate, although I can’t find where the storage for the upgrade materials is. Overall my opinion after playing it for 2 hours, is that it is a solid game, and I’m enjoying it so far.

Vin Boyce: The story graphics are insane for mobile and in-game graphics are amazing. I like how Age of Magic assumes that it’s player base knows how to play games like these with a brief tutorial but for those new to games like this you will be plenty informed. The story is very intriguing and you want to know more about it and the world you are in. Give this game an install, have some fun, and come back to write a review to encourage the developers to keep pushing out more great content!

Davyd Leech: Well, I changed my tune and my rating. After getting past L20, it has become an enjoyable and consuming game. Well worth playing and you can pay or grind as you see fit. Unfortunately it looks as though I am no longer able to play due to a phone loss – make sure you note your down including the numbers after the #. Big thanks to support. Responded to within 10 mins and was able to restore my character using a past purchase. Brilliant service.

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