Latest Version 1.0.1
Size 171MB
MOD Features Unlimited Resources, Unlocked Characters
Requirements Android 7.0++
Updated On June 23, 2022
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Abandoned City Survival Introduction

Do you love survival games? In Abandoned City Survival Mod APK (Unlimited Resources, Unlocked Characters), the apocalypse has happened, and it’s up to you to rally the survivors, create shelters, and more.


You can find so many incredible games to enjoy right now in the survival genre, but this one is a bit unique. Here, the apocalypse has left the world with a lot of devastation, and it’s up to you to gather survivors.

There are a lot of things that you can still gather here, from food to materials, so you can create shelter and be safe. Here, you can invent things and even upgrade them to have a better place to live. In Abandoned City Survival Mod APK, you’re able to explore various places.

Here, you’ll be able to find fuel, materials, and other items that are necessary to survive. There are a lot of items available here that you can upgrade as well to create shelters. One of your primary goals is to find survivors so you can survive.

Abandoned-City-Survival-Mod-APK1Abandoned City Survival Mod APK – Gameplay Screenshot

There are a lot of fun things to do here and discover. Survive as much as possible as you’re the only hope of humanity.

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Main Features

Collect Resources

  • In this idle survival game, you need to explore every piece of the land to find materials, fuel and other valuable resources that will help you survive. Break abandoned houses, loot cars, and scavenge to get anything that can be used for crafting and constructing.

Build A Shelter

  • Join forces with other survivors and develop your own shelter. Create a spacious storage for food and materials, upgrade the dormitory to allow more survivors to live in, and build a farm to provide food. Only you can protect the survivors!

Invent & Upgrade

  • The more resources you collect, the more new tools you can invent. Don’t forget to build a medical center to cure the survivors and make them faster and stronger! There are dozens of other upgrades you can use to make the city a better place to live.

Explore The City

  • If you like survival simulator games, you’ll definitely enjoy exploring the ghost city, looking for hidden crafting materials. You can even launch expeditions to other locations to get more valuable resources.

Abandoned City Survival reviews

Rex Shepherd: The game is fun, addictive and the ads aren’t out of control. It’s really short though. So short that a lot of craftables never got crafted before the game ended. Maybe add a prestige mode for when the game is over or a new zone? It would be nice if the zoom was a little closer and further. It would also be nice to be able to save progress I case the app gets deleted.

SM Tracy: Great little adventure game, and I wish it was a lot longer. There are ads, but you can play patiently without them just fine. The graphics are cute, and I love RTS type games where you collect and build to solve problems. Downside- once you clear the map, the game is over. I played all the way thru 2x and will absolutely play again when another map is added. And it can get a little glitchy towards the end, once you’ve got 10+ survivors. Actions are jerky and movements slow down

G M: It is a good game , just way to short , hopefully you expand on the existing game, but basically leaving it the same, maybe like have the map expand further and further as you progress in the game, I would just eliminate the truck and make it a fortification with guard towers maybe and make it long term survival with attacks on your base from unfriendly people,but not human players keep it single player.

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