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Download 8 Ball Pool Mod Apk 4.8.5 (Long Lines)

Introduction Game

8 Ball Pool Mod Apk (Long Lines). 8 Ball Pool is a web-based sports game that brings you billiard tables and colorful balls and a familiar snooker. Become an excellent gamer and compete with other players in the 8 Ball Poll billard game.

If you are a sports lover then it is certainly not strange to football games or golf games. Have you ever tried playing billiards and have fallen in love with this intellectual sport? If the answer is yes, what are you waiting for? Don’t come to billiard table of 8 Ball Pool right?

On the main interface of the game, the player can choose Play as Guest so that the game automatically selects opponents for you or choose Play to play 1-1 mode or participate in tournaments in Tournaments. Mode 1-1 allows gamers to play with friends or other players. The game will select random opponents, play with friends or participate in multiplayer rounds in Tournaments. These options can be found when you select Play. After selecting Play, the game will require registering an account or logging in with a Facebook account.

The task in 8 Ball Pool is very simple, you just need to put the ball in the hole very accurately and quickly so that you can achieve a higher score than your opponent. The stick is your “weapon”, in addition, players also need to use the means and support necessary skills such as sighting ability, force gauge … In addition to the coin points when winning, business points Experience will also be a factor to help players improve. Earned coins can be used to purchase items in the Pool Shop. Players can buy new sticks, change table frames, colors …

During the 8 Ball Pool, players can find videos that introduce tips to improve results. Game rules are also found in the Game Guide, including the rules, common errors when playing, the mechanism of operation and even mini games. Forum is where you can exchange how to play and make friends with many other gamers.

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Game Features

  • Shoot pool just like in real-life! 8 Ball Pool games use the most realistic physics for authentic gameplay!
  • Get in on the intense PVP action! Play pool games with your friends or beat players from around the world!
  • Love prizes? Win pro pool rings, epic pool cues and tons of cool giveaways!
  • Rack up even more coins by playing for bigger prizes! Compete in pool tournaments to advance to higher tiers!
  • Choose from a massive selection of pool cues, each with unique powers and styles!

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Reviews Of Game

Rory Davis: It’s a good game. However it has a few flaws that need to be worked out. 1 example is: sometimes the the shotclock keeps ticking and the poolstick does’nt appear. Making it impossible to shoot. I’ve lost ssveral matches due to this flaw in the game. Fix this and this game will be 100… Top shelf. Overall.I rate it 9 on the scale of 1-10.

Makarand Choudhary: The game is fine but there is no exit option to close the app.. 2. Game has two set of coins, one which you can use for playing game (currently I have 439) and second one is not usable and not visible also. You can get these coins through gift boxes (I have 11k+ coins). This is strange. Only game developer can explain this issue.

Mountain Prowler: Y’all need to do something about how you select a room to play, you automatically go to the highest tier when you push one on one, I just lost 2.5 million coins trying to scroll the page. You need to have a make sure button before it automatically puts you in a game you didn’t select. That’s messed up. I worked hard for those coins, and I lost then to a person who is ten times my rank, in a room I didn’t want to play in. And an I’m sorry for your experience ain’t gonna cut it. Fix it!!!! Or