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Weather & Radar USA Introduction

If you work outside or in jobs that depend a lot on the weather like farming, you will need a detailed and accurate weather forecast application like Weather & Radar USA APK.

Weather & Radar USA is a clear, concise, and detailed weather forecast app

Whether you are in any period of the year, in the hot summer, or the snowy winter, just open Weather & Radar USA and you can immediately have the most detailed weather forecast for the day available: when does the sunrise or the moon rises, what time of day rain is likely to occur, how strong is the thunder, how hot it is, the risk of storms, how do the storms move. You can view all the current and future weather conditions from anywhere in the world as long as you have Internet access.


In the weather forecast panel of Weather & Radar USA, there is also specialized information that is rarely found in other weather forecast applications such as temperature, wind direction, humidity, air pressure, UV index, warning of times with large temperature changes during the day. You can also view the weather forecast for up to 14 days ahead of time. This is especially useful for those who are dependent on weather conditions.

Weather & Radar USA also provides incredibly detailed weather maps

You can view the entire area in which you live and all surrounding areas using the app. The map will display all information related to clouds, rain, high-resolution coverage, movement of the storm… In this map, unusual weather phenomena will be marked with colors with notes so that users can easily track the direction and variation through their areas. This feature is very useful when you need to track the progress of tropical thunderstorms, storms and tropical depressions.

Warnings about severe weather and natural disasters are available

Weather & Radar USA APK has built-in modern weather tracking technology. It can also predict severe weather and natural disasters. Important weather warnings are then issued, which can have a significant impact on the safety, daily lives, and economy in each region.

Especially in marine and coastal areas, Weather & Radar USA’s weather and disaster forecasting feature is extremely important and effective. You can rest assured with the predictions made by Weather & Radar USA to prepare your plan.

Weather news updated hourly and concisely

Hourly, you will receive news about the weather, climate and environment. At the same time, you can also view the analysis of experts on natural disasters, or articles about pollution, climate change, greenhouse effect…

Weather-&-Radar-USA-APK2Weather & Radar USA APK – App Screenshot

Automatically updated every 90 seconds

Using Weather & Radar USA APK, you can use the new weather update mode every 90 minutes. You simply need to select the feature you wish to receive notifications about weather indicators. This is a great feature for urgent tasks or business trips.

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Main Features

  • Accurate weather forecast
  • Radar for innovative weather, temperature, and wind
  • Weather alerts, storm, ice, and snow tracker
  • Forecasts on local air quality
  • Forecast for ski resorts and snow heights
  • Environment, weather and climate news
  • Customizable main page
  • There are no ads

Weather & Radar USA Reviews

Ellen Hasselmann: I’ve used an older app for years, and it’s still great. However, it doesn’t have radar for the entire world. That annoyed me the most. Although it does not have as many features as the other app (earth quakes, etc.), this app is fantastic. Temperature readings/forecasts are almost perfect. However, that isn’t possible for all residences. Terrain can make it difficult. My house, for example, is in a lower temperature than the average. Thank you for your efforts.

Oliver Martin: This app will teach you more than you could ever imagine. Remember that weather changes all the time. It doesn’t matter if it is late or early. 30% is 1 in 3 areas that will receive rain. The app doesn’t care if you don’t get any rain.

Robert Molnar: The best overall weather app for android. Excellent forecasts with precise predictions, lots of maps that are easy to use. Rainclouds are very important to me, since I live in Ireland. 5 stars from me in 2021.

Kåtsu: The best. •Easy to use/customize• •Most accurate• •Complete• 5 stars all day long!

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