V Live Apk

Download V Live Apk 4.8.9

Introduction App

V Live APK is an application that allows users to easily update and watch idol’s live broadcast programs right on their phones. With the V App, you can follow your favorite stars, watch videos, comment and use the “heart” icon to share your thoughts and feelings for idols. In particular, all your activities on the app, from video streaming to idol interaction activities, affect Chemi-beat. This is a base for the development firm to provide you with more benefits. The more Chemi-beat, the more benefits increase and of course, the greater the chance that your idol can own a private Profile on V App.

tI8R4Dg - V Live 4.8.9V Live APK – App Screenshot

Main Features

  • Connecting fans with famous stars
  • Exchange, chat with celebrities
  • Watch live video stream, broadcast schedule of shows by groups, singers
  • Comment, share, express feelings in the private channel of the stars

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Reviews Of App

Elizabeth Harper: It was AMAZING at first but, here recently the videos have been glitching out, i dont know if it is just my data, or i need to update the app, please fix this bug and maybe post more music videos because i am blocked from youtube so this is my only kpop music source, please remind the kpop artists to post more lives or send notifications, i havent seen a live from blackpink in a long while, thank you

Anna Nsoha: I love this app so much. I’ve even gotten noticed by a few idols but the thing that makes me so angry is that I don’t get notifs. Can you fix this problem cuz I only got 1 notification once and other than that I haven’t gotten anymore. I ask of you to fix this problem or else many people won’t be happy. Thank you for reading my review.

Melissa Gray: I love this app you get to see all your favorite kpop artist’s do lives and episodes ( but I would like to ask if they could put English subtitles for the lives while they are live so you don’t have to wait til the live is over then you can go and watch the live when it uploaded so you can understand them with English subtitles) honestly that part is kinda annoying but I guess it’s fine as long as I can see my fav idol groups I’m great. “Hope this helped love this app ❤️ so you should download