Publisher Toomics Global,
Category Comics, Entertainment,
Latest Version 1.5.2
Size 16MB
MOD Features No
Requirements Android 4.4 Network required+
Updated On January 26, 2022
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Introduction to Toomics

Toomics APK has everything a comics lover needs. To read comics every day, have you downloaded this app to your phone?

Comics can be memories or a happy land.

Who hasn’t been addicted to comic books? When I was young, I could only rent a book to read from the beginning. Every time I bought a new comic book, I held it in my hands, took in the scent of the paper, turned each page, and read every word. Who hasn’t heard of Lucky Luke, Doraemon, Conan, Dragon Ball… Each storybook not only draws a world of extraordinary colors but also mysterious, inexplicable stories that evoke the imagination of all children. Each page of the book nurtures a child’s soul and is also a beautiful memory land. These fantasy stories will come in handy many times, but if you just recall them, your heart will feel relaxed and peaceful.

Comics APK can help you keep your mind open, make happy memories and look at life with optimism. Instead of surfing Facebook and Instagram, my preference is to immerse oneself in comic books.


In the past, you would have to visit a comic shop to purchase each comic. But technology has made it much easier. To read many comics, you can download the reading app. Toomics is a great reading app for your phone.

Toomics is a publisher of many comic books.

When choosing a reading app, my criteria are whether it has a lot of comics. Toomics meets all the requirements. Toomics’ comic book store is many, and very diverse. Whether you’re a fan of any comic style genre, you can find a bunch of your favorite comics here. Adventure Comics, Detective Comics, stories for children with the theme of princes, fighting comics with the theme of knights, robots, space fantasy, horror comics with ghostly blood and ghosts, DC Comics, Marvel Comics… You can read any comic genre you like on this app.

These comics are updated daily or weekly. Toomics gives you the latest and most important developments in the story. You will receive an email notification whenever there is a new episode in any manga series that you are following. This allows you to immediately watch the episode. It’s very convenient and always up to date.

Make your own list of comics you love

Everyone has their favorite comic books. It can be hard to read random comics, or many, if the most popular list in Toomics does not appeal to you. Toomics launched the Private Library feature to help users collect all their favorite comic books. This feature allows you to save all your favorite comics so that you can read them slowly. When new episodes are made available, the library will update automatically for you to continue reading. You can also bookmark pages 50 and beyond so that you can continue the comic when you return to the library.

Toomics APK will also analyze the comics that you select to be added to this Private Library. From there, the app will propose a list corresponding to the user’s favorite comics. The suggested list can be sorted by date to find the most up-to-date comics. You can choose from this list depending on what you need.

You can search for many keywords

It can be difficult to find your favorite comic book series among the many comic books available from different countries.

Toomics APK has a powerful feature that caters to the wide search needs of users. You can search by author name, which is something you can remember from the series name, or the name and title of the main character you admire. You can also search by genre or the origin of comics.

Toomics-APK-2Toomics APK – App Screenshot

Because it allows you to combine multiple filters, this searching feature is more powerful than other comic-reading apps. For example, you can search by category “Detective” and then search by character name or origin of the series to find some comic you might like. You can then immediately save it to the Library. This combination of search terms can increase the number of options, but it does not affect the original search.

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Toomics Reviews

Mike Hatch: I don’t know how to update a prior review. I’ll make another one. Because of the problems I experienced and the inability to get it to work properly, I asked them to credit me or activate the vip on mine. They did. All is well now. Thank you for that. You guys could get better ratings if you changed the way that linked profiles work.

The Real Potat: This is awesome. There are so many comics. 10/10. I get what you are thinking. “But, if it’s 10/10, why is it 4 stars?” I paid 13 Canadian dollars for VIP, but I cannot read the VIP chapters. It records that I purchased VIP, but it sends me back the chapters screen. Please resolve this issue as soon as possible, and preferably before end of month. We are grateful.

Conrad Cujardo: The site has so far been very good. It offers a variety of series and genres as well as regular updates. My only complaint is the inability of turning the mature filter off and on. This means that I must log in to the web version again and switch to the mature filter. It is annoying as I only use the app. If the policy is an issue, my suggestion would be to create a separate app. I’m currently a VIP, and have enjoyed it so far. I would love access to all my comics from the app.

Download Toomics - Read unlimited comics APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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