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To-Do List Introduction

To-Do List MOD APK will help you remember all the important and minor tasks that must be completed during your day. You can have an efficient assistant in one application. Why don’t you use it?

Forgetting doesn’t mean ignoring

You can also add RAM to your computer, unlike a PC. Human memory is limited. Memory, particularly the capacity to recall and forget, is subject to change from person to person. In addition, the pressure from work, life and the “cruelty” of time will make your mind become less and less empty. That’s why forgetting a lot of momentous events, information, or dates is something that will happen eventually.

Unfortunately, there are things that should not be forgotten such as wedding anniversary, birthdays of loved ones in the family, important weekend meetings, parent-teacher meetings at your child’s school… These are just a few examples. Neglecting these important facts will cause disappointment in the individuals involved and can even lead to negative emotions.


At work, it will affect many other things if you forget an important presentation with your boss, or schedule a briefing with your new boss…

Don’t let such situations upset yourself and others. There are many ways you can prevent forgetfulness. To-Do List App is the one I still use every single day. It’s amazing and effective.

What is To-Do List and what are its benefits?

This tool is totally free and will help you monitor your work, keep track of tasks and remind you about important dates. It’s a great way to make your life easier.

To-Do List MOD APK is superior to other similar applications.

You can plan a schedule of activities

If you are overwhelmed by the tasks you need to complete in a given time frame, you will quickly see the value of a planning tool and reminder. To-Do List excels at this. To-Do List will allow you to create to-do lists and schedules, as well as manage tasks according to your timetable. It will show you a summary of all the tasks completed for the day. You can also report on your day and be reminded of upcoming plans. Intelligent artificial memory ensures that you don’t miss a single detail every day. Thanks to it, you don’t forget anything at work anymore.

It is easy to use and offers a variety of vibrant themes for each task.

To-Do List isn’t as boring than a post-it-note containing words on it. Instead, it has the look and feel of a To-Do List: simple, but powerful and beautiful. With one tap, you can create multiple lists of to-dos for both your personal and professional lives. You can even create color and choose cartoon images for each to-do list. You don’t have to spend too much time reading if you simply need to look at the colors and images.

Use the alarm function to remind you what day it is.

To-Do List’s top priority is to ensure that users don’t miss their schedules. To-Do List has performed well in this role. You have five to-do list for the week. Each list contains dozens of tasks that you need to complete by a specific time. Each task is assigned a priority.

To-Do List MOD APK will remind and remind you of the upcoming to-dos. They will be listed chronologically on the list. The task list is automatically sorted according to priority. This will allow you to organize and optimize your busy day with reminders and alarm functions.

Check out the calendar to see all tasks that were previously entered

This is an important function for me. To-Do List can not only list the tasks, but it also allows you to organize and place these tasks in the appropriate day and month calendars. To-Do List will automatically organize your to-do items into the Calendar section. A series of tasks will be displayed according to the color you selected for each to-do. To put it simply, open To-Do List’s calendar to see what important meetings you have and how your work schedules rank in order of priority.

To-Do-List-MOD-APK2To-Do List MOD APK – App Screenshot

Aside from that, sub-tasks for each item in the day will be displayed and linked to the general list.

This app will prompt you to update your status after a certain time. It will also automatically update both the To-Do List as well as the Calendar.

You will feel extremely excited when you realize that the jobs at the beginning of the day, now are “faded” quickly and fully. This is a powerful motivator. It’s a great feeling to get up after a hard day of work and be able to see all the things I have accomplished. I can then go home and enjoy great food, read a book, and fall asleep early, without worrying.

You can set a weekly, monthly, or yearly schedule of cyclical milestones

For example, important dates, birthdays, anniversaries… are the same and does not change every year. To-Do List lets you set reminders to these anniversaries and allows you to choose whether the reminder mode is week, day or month. You can also select whether the reminders will be sent in one day, two day increments, or all three. This makes it easy to remember important dates.

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To-Do List Review

Nguyen lam: It seems to be simple to use, and it works effectively. It allows me to manage my time better and is less time-consuming.

Ashley Rossfield: This app is amazing. The free version is fine, but I had to spend $2.99. I like the fact that I can set the date and time of my reminders. I also love having multiple reminders, I can have different tasks with subtasks and I can also create alarms. You can also choose from a number of widgets. However, I prefer the largest widget because it displays everything in one glance. The app allows you to mark important tasks and categorize your tasks. It’s easy to use, and well-worth the download.

Otilia Onu: This app is amazing. It makes it so easy to stay organized. However, I would like to suggest something. It would be more beneficial if there was a “do a certain number of tasks and unlock this would allow people to stay organized and get their tasks done. Perhaps you might consider this idea. The app is excellent and I give it 5 stars.😊😊

Download To-Do List - Schedule Planner & To Do Reminders APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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