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Updated On February 20, 2022
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Timestamp Camera Pro Introduction

Timestamp Camera Pro APK allows you to add text and time to your photos. Although it sounds simple, it can be very useful for everyone who uses it daily.

When is it most important?

It’s easy for you to take a picture directly in real-time in group chats and then send it right after. The chat thread will show a note about how long it took. If you wish, you can add captions.

What if you want to take photos with your phone camera and not via group chat? The location and time of the photo are not available. You also don’t know the text. If you would like to add it, you will need to do so yourself. But don’t worry, now we have apps to help you do this, as simply as quickly as possible.

It would be great if the app could offer a template that can be used as a frame. You will only need to use the phone’s camera to take the photo. Once the photo is done, you can open it again to see the information.


What is Timestamp Camera Pro, you ask?

Although it is small and compact, it takes up very little space. However, its ability to perform is exceptional. Timestamp Camera Pro APK allows you to insert text and information into your photos, and will create a template. These information are available immediately after a photo has been taken.

What information can Timestamp Camera Pro add to an image? Many. They can be Date, time, shooting location, address, name, map, compass, logo… And not only add to the picture, but you can also insert something on any video on the device.

Input date, time, and location automatically into the image

Just select the date and time insert feature in Timestamp Camera Pro, the application will automatically add the date and time to the photo based on the corresponding date and time on the phone’s clock. The location will appear in the photo if it is displayed. It will be displayed by default in the photo as the location information via the phone locator.

Timestamp Camera Pro APK supports up to 61 different time formats. Whatever country you’re in, you’ll find a style of how the date/time is viewed that suits you in the time display templates available in the app.

You can adjust the display position for the date on an image or video by using the Change display location feature. This feature set includes 7 display options: top left (top center), top right (bottom left), bottom center (bottom right), center (bottom right), and bottom left (bottom right).

Options to customize

You can modify the appearance of the images by adding information to them. From the font, font color, size, to the thickness and opacity of the content displayed on the image… all can be adjusted.

For images taken through the app, you will be able to choose from a variety of aspect ratio sizes and shooting modes, like 1:1, 2:3, 3:4, portrait mode, landscape mode…

Add text and other special characters to the image

Along with the basic customizations of time, place and other details, it is common to need to add some text or emotive characters to images. Timestamp Camera Pro APK makes this simple.

The map can be displayed on the image in addition to textual or emotive characters. You can customize the map’s scale, transparency and size as well as the display position on the image/video.

Timestamp-Camera-Pro-APK2Timestamp Camera Pro APK – App Screenshot

The logo is also something that many online sellers want to automatically insert into the image so that they don’t have to open computer software to do it.

In addition to the “insert” feature, Timestamp Camera Pro also supports the followings

These are just a few of the extra features that the app offers. At first, I didn’t pay much attention to them. They became quite helpful after I had used them for some time. So now let’s see what you can use:

  • Battery Saver Mode adjusts the screen brightness between 0% and 100%. This adjustment can be combined with the battery saver mode to reduce the time spent using the app.
  • When taking photos, you can turn off the shutter mute. Use it when you take a lot of pictures but don’t want to hear the annoying clicking sound of the phone’s camera shutter.
  • The feature can interfere with the resolution on the phone camera. Depending on the quality and size of the image you want, you can customize the camera’s resolution accordingly.
  • Additional support for video recording: Recording with or without sound, taking photos while recording, saving photos to the SD card, and storing videos.

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Timestamp Camera Pro Reviews

Khurrum Ahmad: It’s a great app for taking photos onsite. These can be sorted on the widows using the text that is written manually in the timestamp. I have one issue: the widescreen camera from my Samsung S21+ isn’t being used in this app. Developers, please integrate the widescreen camera in the app. It will be very helpful.

G Rodriguez: I am so happy I bought the premium version. It’s great for shipping.

Gabino De La Cruz: This app saved my job. It works perfectly. One thing I noticed is that it doesn’t always show the GPS location if the signal quality is poor. This app is great, other than that small issue.

Krysti bush: It is easy to use, takes very clear pics & videos! Timestamp Pro has never had any problems. Well worth the 4.99 for the ability to record the medications I give and the food that I prepare. It is a minor problem, but it does not bother me. Because I don’t want my address out there it’s not a problem if i post a Timestamp photo. This app is a great choice!

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