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Updated On February 10, 2022
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SuperLingo Introduction

SuperLingo MOD APK (Plus Subscription) is the best way for you to learn English or Chinese methodically, starting from beginner to advanced and improving four skills.

You can use it for any purpose

My sister asked me for an English learning application that she could use. It needed to be free, easy to use and popular.

I spent the entire day scanning the application and searching the internet for the right one. There were countless English learning applications on the phone then, but to find something satisfactory meeting all the “indications” above is not easy, guys.

Many of the best apps were not free. The app was free for 1-2 days, but you would have to pay millions to get it. If there were too many advertisements, you would lose focus of what you were learning. Others were limited to grammar and listening skills.


SuperLingo MOD APK was the perfect choice.

What is SuperLingo exactly and how does it work?

SuperLingo MOD APK can be trusted as a language learning app. According to the manufacturer, it was developed by a team of teachers with over 20 years experience. It also features a variety of modern technologies, such as an AI algorithm. My sister and i rated it 10/10 for their convenience and assistance.

Spearhead English and Chinese

In many foreign language learning apps I’ve found for my sister, there is an app for learning up to twenty foreign languages, but each one is not focused. SuperLingo has many options. Obviously, the maxim of SuperLingo is “Quality matters more than quantity”. SuperLingo’s most used languages are English (and Chinese)

SuperLingo’s language learning programs demonstrate the breadth, depth, and variety of every language. For each level, every aspect of the learning programs are explained clearly and thoroughly. SuperLingo is full of tutorials, challenges, and exercises.

Each level of SuperLingo will include the following features

  • Learn lessons by topic. Each word is placed within a context that will help you quickly grasp it. This app also helps to distinguish the synonyms such as Tall and High, Sorry and Apologize…
  • Each lesson contains an illustrated video, which allows you hear the correct pronunciation and see adorable animations. At that time, it was difficult to learn English and watch videos. Today, videos are broken down into lessons. It’s so satisfying!
  • Combine four skills in the same lesson: Listening and Speaking (Reading, Reading, Reading), Writing (Writing). The sentences will be repeated many times for Writing. Videos will have standard pronunciation and accompanying video. The AI will listen and then offer its opinion.
  • There are proficiency tests for each lesson that is completed using four skills.
  • All voices and pronunciations of videos, lessons, or audio sections in SuperLingo have been clearly recorded by native speakers.
  • SuperLingo is a powerful tool for learning vocabulary. You will find TV and movie clips, as well as mindmaps to help you understand and grasp new vocabulary concepts.
  • Grammar sections are also fully systematized based on both CEFR & GSE systems. SuperLingo’s Grammar section is simple to learn and easy to understand due to the use different contexts.
  • You can practice and consolidate your learning by using seventeen practice modes that you can access after the main lessons.

Even if you don’t have the internet, you can still download lessons or study offline.

SuperLingo-MOD-APK2SuperLingo MOD APK – App Screenshot

For lazy people like me, this is even more important. You will feel happier if you learn faster.

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Main Features

Super Lingo adjusts to your learning style using the most advanced AI technology. The lessons are inspired by real-life situations. To ensure consistency, they are presented in a consistent way.

  • Level test:You can use the level test to determine your language proficiency. To become fluent, you can personalize your learning.
  • Voice recognitionLearn how to pronounce words correctly and what they mean in everyday conversation. You will also receive a score for your pronunciation.
  • Creative Dialogue ChallengePut into practice the vocabulary and grammar that you have learned during the dialogue challenge to test your knowledge.
  • Vocabulary:It is possible to learn vocabulary using TV, movies, or mind mappings. This makes it easy to grasp high-frequency words quickly.
  • Immersive Learning:Immersive learning experiences featuring a unique script for language-learning. Dialogue-based Learning allows you to step into the action and learn authentic expressions.
  • Grammar: Combining authoritative language systems (CEFR & GSE) to build your grammar system step by step and to help you use your grammar skills in daily communication
  • Training MethodsYou have 17 options for training and over 100 combinations to help you improve your language skills.
  • High quality contentEach lesson can be learned at your own pace. You’ll be amazed at how you can keep up your streak.

SuperLingo Reviews

Ken Lester Bullirse: I’m the First Rater (Not sure). Although I liked the app, I was unable to read or pronounce it.

Thriveda . K: This app really good for learn English and Chinese 🇨🇳 learning model and learning programs really good awsome My small doubt???? This app ???? teaches Korean Language?

Ayoub Kadiri: Learning can also be done through movies. This is how you guess what an actor said. This app is amazing! We are grateful.🙏❤

Masot Hosen: This app is impressive with its rich interface and amazing content. It’s also quite creative with the new word learning.

Download Superlingo: Learn Languages APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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