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Introduction App

StarMaker is one of the best karaoke, song recording and music sharing apps on Android today. Especially, with StarMaker APK, you also have the opportunity to discover many impressive covers from music lovers around the world.

Star Maker supports features that help you sing comfortably, develop your voice to the maximum. Users can hum to the melody of songs from emerging artists such as Lorde, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, OneRepublic, John Legend, Pharrell, Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift and many other names.

This karaoke program offers a catalog of songs of various genres, from country music, pop music to rap music, rock …

The more you sing, the more the number of songs allowed to access will increase. Download StarMaker for Android today and develop your star quality to a new level.

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Main Features

  • More than 30 million users around the world.
  • Sing and record videos from the top songs list.
  • Discover emerging music stars.
  • Huge library of songs with favorite lyrics.
  • Participate in popular music contests such as American Idol and The Voice.
  • Share music to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.
  • Songs are constantly being updated: Sam Smith – Stay With Me, Ed Sheeran – Thinking Out Loud, Ariana Grande – Break Free, Meghan Trainor – All About That Bass, Idina Menzel – Let it Go (Frozen), Jessie J – Flashlight, Mark Ronson – Uptown Funk, Rachel Platten – Fight Song.
  • Database with the latest songs.
  • Support accurate lyrics for each song.
  • Real-time Auto-Tune technology helps users to sing every note accurately, training them to become a pop star.
  • Video recording feature allows to record music videos, showing the user’s own interpretation of an existing song. This will help develop their artist side.

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Reviews Of App

Amy Hixon: There’s a lot of things on this app that needs more detailed explanations…IN ENGLISH!!! How to level up, become verified, get VIP, earn stars for ranking and such…there are no detailed explanations for any of this on the website or the app. Also the grading system for songs doesn’t actually go on how well you sing, rather than getting the timing right. As long as it’s in the right timing, you make an A+ or higher on the song. If all this was clear in english, I would give 5 stars.

Simon Simple: I really enjoy StarMaker, but finding help with learning the sitting in recordings is default in English .. equalizer .. I wish that you had instructions in English that’s easy to understand. (you can find help on YouTube, but not in English.) 2.The words when recording a song with real time video is very hard to see the red and blue coloring .. when there is no sitting to adjust it. 3. Is Star Maker available for labtops? So that way again it wouldn’t be to hard viewing scrolling words, for people with vision problems that loves to sing? Other then those few thing’s I would give it 5 star’s.

Rohan Belel: This app is awesome. I can sing any song i want to. Over all this app is for them who love to sing or want to sing. But one thing is still in my mind that why there is no option for searching our friend. Exept for that i am satisfied with all the things you can do in star maker. I recommend you to install this app. Hope my review helped you to make your decision. Thanks sir. Sure.