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Introduction App

Spoon Radio APK is a live stream app for Android devices. This mobile application is also considered as an online audio social network for young people, where people can make friends, exchange, share and listen to interesting stories anytime, anywhere.

Spoon Radio is a Livestream tool that you can use to access lots of Chat rooms to chat with people. With just a smartphone – turn on Livestream on the Spoon Radio Android app and you can become a Radio DJ, create all your music, love, movies, books, or maybe Share your own life and interesting stories.

The way the Spoon Radio app works is pretty easy and users won’t have much trouble accessing any chat rooms. To send messages in the Chat room, you must sign in with your Facebook or Google account. If you log in to the app in guest mode, you can only read conversations between users.

Download Spoon Radio for Android to your computer to make more new friends from everywhere. Listen together, chat, interact directly with the DJs and share anything you want.

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Main Features


  • Go LIVE and broadcast music, chat, sing, and make new friends. The possibilities as a DJ are endless!
  • Join a DJ’s stream with live messaging. Directly chat and support your favorite DJs with digital gifts – Spoons.


  • Forget expensive equipment – seamlessly record with your phone! Create recorded CASTs to share with fans and friends.
  • Listen to thousands of original CASTS with topics on just about everything – like a podcast, but better.


  • Start a message thread that’s audio-only! Get advice, create challenges, and be weird.
  • Experience a whole new way to be creative – collab with new people.


  • Discover trending LIVEs, fan new DJs, and explore popular topics.
  • Be inspired and entertained by the next frontier of content creators!


  • Goodbye DMs! Update your fans via notice board for chiller communication.
  • Discover your voice type – fans can categorize you as friendly, cute, cool, and more!


  • Enter a safe space. Spoon prides itself on being a supportive platform with users that genuinely connect with one another.
  • Express yourself! Audio makes it easier to genuinely be yourself – escape the pressure of ‘image perfection.’

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Reviews Of App

SuperFriend: This app is fun to use, but after the new update, the interface of the app was just bad. It’s not as friendly user as it used to be. You touch and hold down to listen to a stream before you enter and instead the screen moves up and doesn’t let you see what you’re touching and it’s just a bad update.

Echo Streams: I loved the app.. in the past. I have taken a break from it for a couple of months and now that im back, it seems that the app no longer works as well as it used to. Going back a couple of months, it was easier for people to see and join lives and now it seems that only the people with the largest amounts of fans get shown. I used to have a large following on here but now that im back it seems that im completely unknown. I’m not sure if there’s a new system or not but I’d love to be informed

Lemonly Edits: I love the app BUT when it says “xxxxxxx xxx live is on” I click it on the notification and it opens the app and nothing else and then there is no way to find the live I wanted to see, I cant go on the live when its live. And I want to just say hi to one of my favorite persons on there. And I cant so congratulations u fricked up…. please remove this, I do like the app but I cant do ANYTHING everything is just un organized,if you press filter there is no option to say ” followed users” or smtn