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Updated On February 11, 2022
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Speechify Introduction

The interface is simple, the text reading feature is focused on both “depth and breadth”. There are many reasons Speechify MOD APK (Premium unlocked) is needed, especially to update news, read, teach, study, and work in this hectic world.

What is Speechify?

Speechify MOD APK can convert any text to speech. It works in the same way as a text reader. This tool is great for practicing listening and speaking skills, as well as checking the accuracy of the text.

Speechify MOD APK is very user-friendly. It can read any type of document, including PDFs, documents and books, emails, files, files, and online articles. It can handle everything.

Speechify MOD APK works in many languages. So far, it has been able to operate well in over 20 world languages ​​including Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese…


Mechanism of operation

Speechify comes from the general rule with human senses “Listening is easy, reading is difficult”. This rule holds true for all ages, children and adults. Listening can help you absorb information 2-3 times faster. Your ability to concentrate while listening will determine how well you can retain the information. However, listening is more time-saving than reading. To make your life easier and more efficient, why not use an app?

Speechify can read everything because of its intelligent scanning capabilities. Speechify uses built-in smart scanning technology for information. Then use AI voices (that are compatible with the user’s previously selected language) to read aloud each word of the text.

What are its benefits?

Speechify can be used as a document reader assistant. Speechify can be applied to many situations.

For example, sometimes you want to read a newspaper, read a book, or listen to an important document, your eyes are tired, you don’t want to read it yourself, or your hands are busy doing something else like cooking, exercising, driving.

Or, as if you’re trying to improve your listening skills in foreign languages with different contexts, intonations and stories.

Or you could simply check the grammar and spelling for a long paragraph at work.

All will need Speechify’s useful reading feature.

Speechify has many other benefits than the ones listed above. It was designed to help people with low vision, ADHD, dyslexia and other disabilities that can interfere with reading. This may be something you didn’t know. Speechify applications are more important than ever for people with disabilities or difficulties.

Extra features to support user’s listening

In addition to the main feature of converting text into speech, Speechify also has a lot of accompanying support features, making the reader’s listening process better, which is more suitable for individual needs. These features include:

  • Support for notebooks. You can listen to it and open Speechify to record any important information.
  • Change AI voice speed. Depending on your hearing ability, concentration, and information reception, you can freely customize the speed of the AI ​​voice to the selected language. Speechify’s reading speed can be up to x9 times faster than the average, making it suitable for all types of needs and habits.
  • Quickly scan any text with your phone’s camera. You can use your phone’s camera to scan any real text, just like taking a picture of a book page. Simply open Speechify and capture the text. This completes the scanning process.
  • Scanned/read pages can be saved to Speechify’s library. Speechify can save any type of text, whether it is finished or unread, to its library. This is a small feature that can be very helpful for busy people who don’t have the time or patience to listen to all the information.

Speechify-MOD-APK2Speechify MOD APK – App Screenshot

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Speechify Reviews

Luz Mukulu: Sooo amazing. This app has made a huge difference in my life as an audio learner. Speechify has helped me get my high marks in high school. Everything, from the Ai voices and graphics, is amazing. I wish this app was available earlier. Speechify is an amazing app. I’ll continue using it until the end. Keep up the good work!

Zahid 123: This app is very useful because it allows you to add books from anywhere in the world. You can also speak with an expert teacher.

Eugene Messer: It sent me to this evaluation before I was even out of setup. It has not been given to me. I manage sales teams. Their handoff was via a questionnaire applet. The question had simple preference questions interspersed with yes conditioning questions. This was to get you to answer positively in a routine. Although the app is clever, I have no doubt about the 4.7 rating. Tell the truth, shame on the devil.

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