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Category Tools, Utilities,
Latest Version 2.9.7
Size 7MB
MOD Features Pro Unlocked
Requirements Android 5.0 Network required+
Updated On February 16, 2022
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Simple Notes Introduction

Simple Notes MOD APK (Pro Unlocked), is a mobile note-taking app. It’s fast, simple, and easy to use.

Are Notes required to have a separate app?

There are many situations where you will need to take quick notes on your mobile: jotting down important information briefly, making a grocery shopping list/ a holiday gift list, listing things in the house, quickly jotting down a sudden idea, copying a piece of music/ good poem… These tasks require a quick record before the memory forgets it. It is easy to lose an idea when you’re trying to open a complex application that requires many long-term manipulations. A support tool is necessary for note-taking.

Already, the smartphone can take notes. The downsides of the interface are many: it’s difficult to take quick notes, find and reorder your attention easily, and it’s not customizable or modifiable. And one of the big inconveniences is that it doesn’t inspire users nor make them feel like this is a quick place to immediately open to take notes.


If you regularly have meetings or like to jot down those ideas that you often come up with randomly, you’ll need a more specialized application to help. Simple Notes is the app I recommend.

What are Simple Notes?

Simple Notes MOD APK lets you take quick notes and create to-do list for the day. Simple Notes’ immediate accessibility is what I love most. This app can be used in any circumstance, at any time, and anywhere. Simple Notes has the sophistication to centralize all ideas and notes and arrange them in an orderly fashion. It is easy enough to use for anyone.

Simple Notes MOD APK is an easy way to review, organize, and track your ideas and to do lists.

What are the possibilities?

Simple Notes allows you to do more than just the built-in note function.

  • You can quickly take notes and make edits whenever you want.
  • Use the notebook function to organize your notes by type
  • Place important notes on your home screens
  • Automatically backup notes to external storage
  • Notes can be searched quickly and easily. You can also remember your searches to locate them quicker the next time.
  • Send notes to your friends via SMS, email, or Twitter

Simple Notes is it fast and easy?

Yes. The application can be used as both a planner or organizer. Using Simple Notes will definitely speed up your note-taking, making sure you don’t miss any ideas or tasks. Simple Notes can be used to display important notes on the main screen, and you can share them through many channels. This allows others to see the to-do lists.

Simple-Notes-MOD-APK2Simple Notes MOD APK – App Screenshot

Simple Notes on the device has a very small memory. It almost doesn’t affect the memory, even though you take lots of notes. You can record unlimited number of notes on the application. You can organize them by date, type, importance, and other criteria to make it easy to find them later. This is an important feature which mere phone notes lack.

Maybe you want to try: Chronus

Main Features

  • Notebook: Organize your notes by category
  • Sticky note memo widget (put all your notes on your homescreen)
  • Secure backup notes to external storage
  • Notes for the search
  • Quick memo / notes
  • You can share notes via SMS or e-mail, as well as Twitter

Simple Notes Reviews

Simon Davies: It is a very useful app. Easy to use & ideal for making quick notes or storing information that you require on a regular basis such as medicines etc.

Martin Heidl: It is very easy to use and accurate. Because of its simplicity, this notebook is truly for everyone.

Katherine Garcia: It is a simple note-taking app that does not have much to do. It does what it is supposed to. I did not give it a 5 star rating because it isn’t anything special from other regular note apps.

Patricia Wagner:It is simple to use, even though I haven’t had it for a while. It is handy to have a place where I can keep notes or lists.

Download Simple Notes APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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