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Latest Version 6.17.2
Size 4MB
MOD Features No
Requirements Android 5.0 Network required+
Updated On March 4, 2022
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Simple Contacts Pro Introduction

Simple Contacts Pro APK will allow you to manage your smartphone contacts. It makes searching, storing, and syncronizing faster than ever.

Why should you manage your phonebook?

If you only have a few dozen to a hundred contacts on your mobile, there’s nothing to talk about. If you have hundreds, or even thousands of contacts, then the default contact management might not be suitable. Filtering your numbers becomes much more difficult, especially when you have more people with the same names. The phone can sometimes become full of contacts. You realize that you need an assistant who can help you manage your smartphone contacts. You can think of Simple Contacts Pro.

Simple Contacts Pro is much more than a simple contact manager

Simple Contacts Pro APK allows you to manage your smartphone contacts. All storage activities are centralized in one place. They can then be quickly synchronized on various devices and automatically back up without duplicating any existing contacts. This app can also be used to help you save space and search for contacts easily and quickly via mobile.


Smart storage and efficient searching

Simple Contacts Pro APK has the ability to sort and filter by multiple parameters. It also allows you the option of showing the last name in place of the first and vice versa. It is no longer necessary to worry whether or not you are saving the correct name. By sorting by multiple parameters, you can quickly find any contact number. There’s no need to search by keyword then scroll down to locate a contact number. Simple Contacts Pro is available on your smartphone. You can search for news or keywords in the search box, and the results will be displayed immediately after each keyword has been added.

The app’s ability to search by keywords is very powerful. Search for any information that you have stored. It will not jump to unrelated results as it does with default smartphone contacts.

Simple Contacts Pro has the ability to display favorite contacts or groups in a separate list. These groups can be named and used to send bulk email or SMS to the entire group. This feature can save you a lot time and effort.

You can manage email and events from your device

Simple Contacts Pro lets you easily edit your contacts. You can change the name, email address, phone number and group. If the application detects a previously saved number, it will display a notification to let you know so that it is not saved again. You can also customize and modify the contact’s information. Simple Contacts Pro makes it easy to save important events, such as birthdays and anniversaries.

Automated backup and synchronization

Backups of mobile contacts are also important. It will be possible to have another data source, just like the one you have on your mobile device. This makes it much easier to save your phone again in case your phone is lost or you change to a different phone. Smart contacts backup technology is available. The app syncs new and old contacts frequently to maintain backup copies of these numbers.

They are automatically backedup when you add new contacts. These contacts will be safe even if you lose the phone. Or in case you want better information security, you can choose the “Do not share with other applications” feature, ensuring everything is as private as possible.

Simple Contacts Pro also provides many display customization options. You can choose the one that works best for your needs. There are many options, such as showing phone numbers on the homescreen, switching to thumbnail display mode for contacts, showing only contacts that have phone numbers, and showing a call confirmation dialog prior to making a call.

Some extra features

Simple-Contacts-Pro-APK2Simple Contacts Pro APK – App Screenshot

There are several button designs that can be used to call or text your contacts. If you don’t use any buttons, you can hide them as you like. Simple Contacts Pro supports input/output contacts from vCard format to the.vcf file. This makes it easy to share, backup, send, or share data with other devices. The contact management app features a simple evening display that is based upon material design. It makes it easy to find your contacts even when you aren’t looking.

Simple Contacts Pro also has a separate feature that allows you to block mobile numbers from being contacted. This feature is available only in smart contact management applications like Simple Contacts Pro. It is a simple but extremely useful one.

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Simple Contacts Pro Review

Charlie de Montagnac: My xiaomi phone came with some apps, but they were missing or not functioning as I wanted. Simple Apps came to my rescue. I now have several Simple apps running on the phone. It’s quite a happy place. Although they aren’t flashy, I don’t need them to be. They can do all I need. We are grateful.

Rubens Furbetta: It’s amazing. The gallery app was something I already had and wanted to give this one a try. The app is flawless, easy-to-use, well-designed, and clear as usual. Dev, keep up the great work. One suggestion: The round button “+” (Add Contact), blocks the first letters of the contact’s last name, X to Z. Move it.

Richard Carroll Mueller: I love the variety. I found it easy to use the “groups” option. Simple Contacts Pro is a very nice app & reasonabley priced. This app is definitely a 5 STAR APP

Glen Elfers: You can import vcf files directly from E-Z Contacts to your Win10 computer and create a beautiful data book. Google Contacts so far has not captured contacts in this app. Excellent app for look-up purposes.

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