Publisher CloudMosa Inc,
Latest Version
Size 25MB
MOD Features No
Requirements Android 4.4 Network required+
Updated On January 9, 2022
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Puffin Browser Pro Introduction

Puffin Browser Pro APK is a great web browser that deserves to be your default on Android. It offers a great user experience and performance. It was created by experts who worked for Google and Microsoft. They continue to work on improving the browser to make it the best.

Web browser at lightning speed

CloudMosa Inc, an American technology company, developed Puffin Browser Pro. Shioupyn Shen is the owner of this company. They tried the cloud-coding technology to develop the Puffin web browser. The results were amazing. Puffin browser loads pages quicker than standard browsers. It also loads media files faster and javascript quicker. Only thing, when browsing, the user’s IP is IP in the cloud. Some websites consider you a proxy server.


Puffin Browser Pro APK is a better alternative to Chrome, which complains about web browsers taking up too much RAM.

Keep your data safe from hackers

We often prefer to work in cafes for a change of workspace. Public wifi spots are required to surf the Internet and send data. Hackers have a great opportunity to steal your personal data because the security of public wifi spots is not very tight. Puffin Browser Pro can take care of your concerns. This web browser encrypts data before it goes to the cloud.

The anonymous web browsing tab creates a session that the app uses to track you. This session will be removed as soon as the app is closed or disconnected from the internet. Your device will not be stolen by hackers or malware.

When browsing the internet, save bandwidth

Puffin Browser Pro APK makes surfing the web more affordable than other browsers by saving data to the cloud. However, the browser consumes more bandwidth when you view video or stream live. Anyway, it’s enough for Puffin Browser Pro for essential entertainment needs like listening to music, reading newspapers, surfing social networks, …

Data saving mode lets you set some parameters to allow the browser to load photos and videos faster. This mode works regardless of whether you connect via WiFi. If you don’t care about the bandwidth saving problem, you can turn it off in the settings.

Trackpad and gamepad compatible

Puffin Browser Pro APK supports Adobe Flash. However, it was removed this year due to security concerns. You can also play Flash games easily and smoothly on Android with Gamepad or virtual Trackpad. The trackpad makes browsing and scrolling on laptops easy and convenient.

Modem for Desktop

Puffin-Browser-Pro-APK2Puffin Browser Pro APK – App Screenshot

You will have a better experience browsing the internet with your computer. Puffin Browser Pro’s Desktop Mode will allow you to browse the internet in Desktop mode, even if your phone is on the move.

Advertisement is no more bothersome

Pop-up ads, video ads and many other ads can be annoying on websites. Puffin Browser pro automatically blocks ads and makes your browsing experience smoother.

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Main Features

Wicked Fast: Websites can load at lightning fast speeds because our cloud servers handle even the most resource-intensive pages.

Cloud Protection: All Internet traffic between the app and our servers is encrypted from end-to-end. This makes it safe to use non-secure WiFi.

Flash Support: We are constantly improving our servers and the ability for Flash content to be viewed through the cloud.

Data Saving: Puffin uses an exclusive compression algorithm to send web data to your devices. It can save you up to 90% on regular web browsing. Note that streaming Flash content, or videos, requires more bandwidth than regular web browsing.

  • Amazing loading speeds
  • Fastest JavaScript engine
  • Ad Blocker included
  • Mobile & Desktop modes for full web experience
  • You can download to the cloud (up to one GB per file).
  • Theater mode for Flash games and videos
  • Virtual Trackpad & Gamepad
  • Adobe Flash Support

Puffin Browser Pro Reviews

Mark Harisson: I have a long history with Puffin, and I would be lying if it didn’t frustrate me. Puffin had the perfect niche tools that I needed to browse, and I’ve kept it for so long. Now, they are threatening to remove Puffin from their site in favor a paid subscription. That was my motivation to switch to a new browser, and I’m happy to report it. Although it was a good experience, Puffin, I am certain that you will be forgotten once 2022 has passed. Ciao! 🙂

Jay A Hoover, Mayor Of Hooverville: Pro is not connecting to my network! If you solve my issue, I’ll update the review. Yes, I sent log several times. Updated 01.02.21. Your browser has been up for quite some time. No problems, no lost time. Your Aps are amazing and I love your steady, as she goes attitude. thanks!!

Silver Raven: I miss the background open tab. It is annoying to have to switch between tabs on a page and jump back to the original tab each time I do it. Edit. Edit. Although I can access websites and other resources, the logo on my log in page is all that is displayed. It worked before the update, but it isn’t working again.

Ravi Duvvuri: Excellent browser. I’m using the pro version on another phone. There are no issues unless connectivity is an issue. There are no complaints. Want faster downloads? Get to the cloud.

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