Publisher SafeInCloud,
Latest Version 21.4.3
Size 7MB
MOD Features No
Requirements Android+
Updated On February 24, 2022
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Password Manager SafeInCloud Pro Introduction

Password Manager SafeInCloud Pro APK can be a very useful tool, especially for people with poor memory or busy schedules. This is especially useful if you have multiple passwords that are constantly changing to ensure safety.

Too many passwords, too many headaches

Modern technology means that we have more tangible assets and more things to keep track of, such as phone numbers and email passwords, passwords online shopping accounts, online banking passwords, bank cards, and other passwords. They are all crucial. These passwords do not always stay the same throughout the day. Sometimes the bank may request that you change your access password. Other times, online shopping apps will also ask for this. Even email can ask multiple times to verify accounts. For social networks, you only need to change one type of password.

I wish there was an app that would help me organize and manage my passwords, and protect all of my data from unauthorized access. Do you wish so too?

Password Manager SafeInCloud Pro APK was the perfect solution for me. Here are some outstanding benefits of Password Manager SafeInCloud Pro for those who have similar needs.


What is Password Manager SafeInCloud Pro?

According to the manufacturer, Password Manager SafeInCloudPro uses the AES256 bit algorithm as an encryption method. This is specialized to protect data against unauthorised access.

Password Manager SafeInCloud Pro APK has strong encryption that you can rely on with total confidence. The above algorithm will ensure that data is encrypted on all devices, including mobiles, computers, laptops, and cloud storage. This is an algorithm specified by the US government and is being used by many of the world’s leading technology organizations.

The app allows you to automatically import data directly from 80 password management tools, such as 1Password or eWallet, Keeper and LastPass.

The Chrome browser integrates Password Manager SafeInCloudPro, which allows you to quickly sync data with cloud accounts such as SkyDrive, SkyDrive, Google Drive, SkyDrive, Box, and SkyDrive. Cloud storage is secure and guaranteed by all major companies, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Password Manager SafeInCloud Pro APK currently supports many languages: ​​​​English, German, Dutch, Italian, French, Spanish, Swedish, Russian, Czech, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic. It is widely used.

Help to set up passwords and store your accounts

To protect your personal data, this app offers a password setting option. To add an additional layer of protection to your password collection, you can use special characters, numbers, or letters. You can also set a security password via fingerprint to protect your sensitive information.

Many people will be asking whether they should remember another password. No. You only need a single password in order to access Password Manager SafeInCloud Pro. All the details are neatly organized here.

Password Manager SafeInCloud Pro also allows you to create a safe place for your web accounts, credit card, cash cards and login information. You can simply pull it out and use it when you need it.

Friendly interface

Password-Manager-SafeInCloud-Pro-APK2Password Manager SafeInCloud Pro APK – App Screenshot

People with poor memory have another common feature: they fear using complicated applications. Password Manager SafeInCloud Pro solves this problem by using a simple interface with minimal text and colored backgrounds. You can access all features by simply clicking on buttons or using menus. It is easy to use by touching it. Password Manager SafeInCloud pro is therefore suitable for all users regardless of age or occupation.

Password Manager SafeInCloud PRO supports the ability to modify the template or the color of the interface in order to inspire users.

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Main Features

  • Simple to Use
  • Material Design
  • Black Theme
  • Strong Encryption (256bit Advanced Encryption)
  • Cloud Synchronization (Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, NAS, ownCloud, WebDAV)
  • Login using Fingerprint, Face, and Retina
  • Autofill in Android 8+ Apps
  • Browser Integration
  • Android Wear App
  • Password Strength Analysis
  • Password Generator
  • No cost desktop app for Windows or Mac
  • Automated Data Import
  • Cross-Platform

Password Manager SafeInCloud pro Reviews

F650 Thumper: Fantastic app. It’s great! I just got a new phone, and my mSecure 4 could not be transferred to it, i spent hours searching for the perfect app: Easy to use, customizable, reliable syncing among devices, and able import my mSecure database. I don’t require automatic checkout or autofill (although it does have it), or any other fancy bells or whistles that drain my battery. The app is perfect. It’s great and it’s worth the 7 bucks.

Şener Demirel: Password generation must be at least 8 characters. This means it should be at most 4 digits. Some pin passwords and banks allow only 4 to 6 characters. The password creation portion also includes “letters”, number, and “special characters”. These combinations can be created by the user. The password should allow the user to choose which ones they want. This section should read “mSecure”. It’s unrivaled in terms customization and ease of use.

Mike Nation: This app is very good. It has some issues with autofill, which is why I gave it four stars rather than five. You won’t find a better password manager than this one. When they have the autofill set up, it’ll be a 5-star app.

Download Password Manager SafeInCloud Pro APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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