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My Radio Introduction

Well, nowadays, most young people don’t like listening to the radio. They seem to love other forms of entertainment (social networks, YouTube, etc.) more. However, among them are still ones like me, who love enjoying peaceful moments with favorite radio stations. Well, if you are like me, this review about one of the best Radio apps, My Radio MOD APK, is for you!

Sleeping and waking up with your favorite radio station, what could be better?

Listening to the radio, a habit of many people

Do you think listening to the radio is just a regular habit of grandparents, or of drivers driving long distances? No. As said, there are still young people listening to the radio every day. They not only listen to domestic radio but also foreign radio stations with a variety of topics. They listen to entertain, relax, learn a foreign language, or send a message to their loved ones.


My Radio MOD APK – APP Screenshot

If you’re still engrossed in your TV, computer, or whatever, it might be time to put them aside to try out the radio. Because radio is an interesting world that you still don’t know all about. Trust me! Through a unique radio application like My Radio, you will have so many relaxing moments.

Not one, but too many radio stations to choose from

With My Radio, you can listen to all local and foreign radio stations, and it is free. You can easily control it with a friendly interface. You can listen to the radio anywhere and anytime because My Radio’s ability to tune in to the radio is very great.

This app gives you quick access to more than 50,000 Internet radio stations around the world. It covers topics of everyone’s interest: music (classical, rock, pop, instrumental, hip-hop, gospel, song), news, comedy, talk shows, concerts, telling stories late at night, traffic, confiding…

Radio-station search feature

Since there are so many local and foreign radio stations, it’s quite a feat to pick a few to listen to regularly. To make it easy for users to manipulate and search, My Radio integrates smart search capabilities. Just enter a keyword you can remember (the name of the station, or the field that the radio station specializes in, or the country, region, or state of the radio stations), and results will pop out immediately. You see the list and select your favorite station and start listening.

And not just finding an ideal radio station, after trying out for a certain time and feeling satisfied with it, you can choose to put that radio station in the Favorites List. Next time, just go to this Favorite List to quickly access your favorite station.


Built-in alarm and sleeping timer

This Radio application also includes an alarm feature. Every morning, you can wake up with the soft music from a music radio station. You start a new day with a melodious song gently. So peaceful and bright. And have yourself a delicious cup of coffee. Great!

In the evening, you can use the Timer feature available in the application for a good sleeping habit. Set the time to start sleeping according to your routine. When you fall asleep while listening to the radio, My Radio will automatically turn off the radio with this feature. Fall to your dreams without worrying about anything. This feature is helpful for those who have trouble sleeping. No need to find a sleep supporting app or an online playlist. Find the radio stations with soothing sounds or bedtime stories. Set the timer to turn off automatically. Then let the mind calm down, let the body relax and drift with the sound to fall asleep.

Smart filter feature

My Radio can track your habits and filter out a quick access list. After using it for a while, the application will automatically display the radio stations you often listen to right on the homepage. At this point, there is no need to search again or go to the Favorites list anymore, what you need is right on the homepage.

I love the old days lying next to my grandmother and sleeping peacefully in the warm sound of the radio. I believe radio has always existed, now and in many generations to come. Not only because of its convenience and speed, but also due to its rich content, and many well-organized options. In addition to listening to common or hobby content, radio is also a great way to practice listening to a foreign language. I also use this method to practice listening and correcting my pronunciation.

Main Features

Main Functions:

  • Radio Broadcast: A simple radio free app that allows you to access 50,000+ FM AM radio stations around the world.
  • Explore: Search for your favorite am fm local radio stations by language and genre, and find your local radio stations by country/region.
  • Favorites: Save your favorite radios. Easy to listen to the live radio broadcast at any time.
  • Alarm clock: Use your favorite FM radio tuner or Internet radio to wake you up.
  • Timer: When you fall asleep while listening to a radio channel, Shut down the radio automatically with this radioapp.

50000+ FM Radio and AM Radio Stations

  • My Radio allows you to access more than 50000+ FM radio tuner, AM radio and Internet radio stations around the world. With this FM radio app free, you can easily listen to AM FM local radio stations and radio channels from your hometown or other places. Let’s listen to the radio station for free and find your radio AM.

Easy to Find the Desired Radio Stations

  • MyRadio provides a variety of methods to quickly find the radio station you want to listen to. The most frequently listened free radio stations will be automatically displayed on the homepage. You can also easily tune radio as you want by using this simple radio free app. Listen to FM radio to get the news around the world.

Radio Tuner with Sleep Timer

  • The free radio app will automatically stop if you set a sleep timer. You will never have to worry that the radioapp will not stop when listening to the free radio stations and radio AM before going to bed. You just need to set a timer in this radio FM AM app before going to bed. A good fm radio tuner helps you sleep well. Listen to FM radio and free local radio calm your mood and relax deeply.

Wake You Up with Your Favorite Radio Station For Free

  • Set an alarm with your radio by using this simple radio free app. This fm radio tuner will wake you up at the alarm time and automatically tune to the free radio stations. It’s time to download a free radio on my phone and listen to the am fm local radio.

AM FM Radio App Free for You

  • My Radio – AM Radio, FM Radio App Free, Radio FM AM Station is an am fm radio app free. With this free radioapp, You can listen to lots of free radio FM AM stations anytime and anywhere. It’s your next radio app free in your daily life.

MyRadio is a tool for online radios and Internet radios. It is not affiliated with any media. We respect the copyright of the owners.

My Radio Reviews

Piet Bels: Sound is very good, I don’t know why it seems to sound better than other staions, but it does

Phil L.: One of the few radio apps, probably the only app that gives you quality sound. Around the world !

Osama Moussa: EDIT 1 Hallo 🙂 thank you for your response, I would like to sync my favorites the most. have a great day.. The best Radio out there, great interface, so many channels (local and international), favorites list etc. Well done Only option missing is an account for sync between devices!

E C P: Now FIXED – THANKS: There is NO way to disable the alarm clock – I paid for this and liked it lots, but I’m uninstalling because I just looked at the alarm feature to make the red bubble announcing it go away and then backed out with no days of the week highlighted but, the alarm keeps going off nonetheless every morning or whenever since. There is no toggle to disable. Never in my life have I needed or used or desired an alarm clock! I’ve tried every strategy, but this alarm seems relentless.

Just Nobody: With one cheap lifetime payment you get an experience just as good as more premium radio apps without having to break the bank.

Download My Radio APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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