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Updated On February 24, 2022
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Money Manager Introduction

Money Manager APK helps you manage your finances and save for the long-term. It saved my life, it has helped me to forget about worrying about my personal finances. It gives me the motivation to work hard, save money every single day.

What is the point of using an application to manage your expenses?

Uncertainty and unexpected events are part of the future. In order not to fall into the “out of money” situation and completely passive when the situation occurs, savings funds are the best solution. But how to “save”? It is essential that we manage our expenditures and receipts well, even the most insignificant.

My first motivation to manage my spending came from the movie “Because this is my first life”. The film’s architect has an unusual lifestyle. His goal from an early age was clear: purchase a house in the area, start a company, earn a steady income, and pay off all his mortgages by 40. To achieve that dream, he worked hard, refused to take pleasures from the outside, and had no idea of loving anyone. Each month, his joy was in receiving his salary and then equally dividing the monthly expenses. He was strict with himself and didn’t spend out of that.


After watching the video, I knew that I wanted a secure financial future, with multiple investments and a constant income stream. But I wasn’t confident enough to be capable of doing all this every day.

That’s why i began to find a bunch of spending management apps to practice spending and ended up choosing Money Manager. Since then, each stage of personal fiscal management has been a tremendous motivation to work hard and earn more.

A detailed and clearly defined spending list

What is your average daily spending? While being single is easy, it can be overwhelming to have to pay for all the expenses of your family. Money Manager can help you quickly and accurately record all expenses. You can review the entire thing using a chart or spreadsheet to see all of the spending.

Only one thing is required: the ability to enter data whenever a money operation takes place. Once you get the hang of it, everything will be much easier.

Double bookkeeping accounting mode

Money Manager APK does more than just keep track of small details. It also allows users to manage assets and perform effective accounting. Money Manager can update your account’s in and out, instantly deposit money to the account once the salary is recorded, and automatically withdraw funds from the account.

You can manage your credit and debit cards and have automatic transfers made periodically

Money Manager APK can connect to all your bank accounts. Every payment date will show you the amount of money that you are about to spend. This list includes safe deadlines to allow you to arrange payment. When you are ready to make a decision, simply press the switch button. Money Manager will help you connect your card and instantly spend the amount.

You can also set a date and choose to have automatic transfers. The app will review the amount and make the appropriate transfer to debts based on the parameters you have set. There will never be an overdue or delay that makes it impossible to manage debt.

Extra feature

Money-Manager-APK2Money Manager APK – App Screenshot

Money Manager APK also has several other useful accompanying features such as: checking passwords, instant statistics in various forms from numbers to charts, marking frequently used accounts… In all expenses, view the data saved in Excel and print it out when needed, synchronize devices used from smartphones, tablets to laptops, PCs.

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Money Manager Reviews

Mohanraj Muthusamy: Excellent app?? This app is aesthetically beautiful as well as good for recording your expenses too. The latest version is amazing. Gratulations to the developers..

SteLAN: The App is very user-friendly and has a beautiful design. Update Suggestions

Emma Rosenwell: It finally has google backup. I tried to set up webdav specifically for this. I failed and I prefer the old icon.

Voldemort Darth: You can use different weighted fonts. For titles, use bold and for all other purposes use regular. This app is amazing. We are so grateful for the tens of exciting features (such as histograms). Amazing?

Download Money Manager Expense & Budget APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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