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Mango Languages Introduction

Being good at grammar and vocabulary doesn’t mean you’re good at pronunciation. If you want to have all these skills and know how to speak like a native, it’s time for Mango Languages MOD APK (Premium Unlocked).

Misunderstandable pronunciation has caused pain in the past

When it came to conversation, i felt like all my words had gone and couldn’t say anything. This also led to my bad at listening skills so that i can’t hear clearly what my teacher said. I was ashamed so I started to listen more carefully. To improve the environment, I began listening to English music and watching movies without subtitles. Then, I listened to more direct conversations from foreigners. Finally, I practiced speaking English just like a child learning English. This went on for two years, until I had the basics.

I envisioned a day when software would be able to teach me how to pronounce the words, so that I could study anywhere and anytime, in the most enjoyable and comfortable way. The CD was all that was available back then. This was a very difficult situation, and only those who have experienced it will know.

Today, I was pleasantly surprised to find Mango Languages an excellent English teaching app. It has helped me save time and money. Learn right from the start, don’t be like me.


Mango Languages helps you learn English as a native speaker

Mango Languages MOD APK is an application for learning native languages. This app not only helps to master basic skills in a foreign tongue, but it also standardizes the communication between native teachers. It was downloaded to test it out within a few days. So far, everything is amazing. This app is comfortable, convenient to use, especially not passive and boring like some previous apps I’ve used.

Mango Languages: What to do?

You will find the main screen where you can choose between your native language or the foreign language that you wish to learn. Mango Languages offers several courses in each foreign language. You can touch to choose and then learn the way that you like. To change the lesson type at any time, you can return back to the main screen. You can still access the lessons you have studied and they are saved in the correct state so that you can go back to them whenever you want.

Completely different to other language learning apps

Sometimes, we can get lost in the language, whether it is reading, listening, writing, or speaking. This is unlike other language learning apps. They either have too many boring lectures or are an entertaining school, making learning more superficial, less cohesive and disorganized. Mango Language MOD APK is an enthusiastic guide that will help you get to your destination.

Mango Languages MOD APK is a partnership between the Companion (the Teacher) and the Companion (the Student). It’s not as strict as a teacher, but it is as fun as a friend. The platform will offer a variety of lessons and fun tests, as well as a complete platform. And there’s a reminder feature for you to complete each day without going too deeply into the review sections to make you not pressured. You are responsible for the rest. You won’t have to pay tuition fees at Mango Languages.

Today, there are more than 2,000 foreign languages.

Mango Languages provides seventy languages to choose from. These courses are very comprehensive and can be tailored to your needs. Some courses are available for English speakers: Arabic (Egyptian, Iraqi, Levantine), Chinese (Cantonese, Mandarin), Czech, Danish, French, German, French Canadian, Hebrew (currently) ancient, biblical), Vietnamese, Italian, Japanese, Korean… And if you’re looking to learn English, there are English courses available: English for Arabic speakers (Egypt), French, German, Chinese (Cantonese, Mandarin), Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Russian, Spanish…

Mango Languages has some outstanding functions

Mango-Languages-MOD-APK2Mango Languages MOD APK – App Screenshot

To find out the pronunciation of a word simply double-tap it. The sound is recorded by native speakers so that you can listen to the beginning and repeat the pronunciations. A recording function allows you to compare your voice with the native speakers. Match your voice with the native language voice in the app. The results will be clearly displayed and announced. There’s a difference so you can keep tweaking your voice until it fits best.

Mango Languages lessons are also available for download and can be accessed from anywhere at any time. Listening and reading exercises are two of the most interactive. You can also gain more knowledge about the country’s culture that you’re study.

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Main Features

  • Real-world, practical conversations
  • Linguist-approved language classes
  • Studio-recorded audio from native speakers
  • Individualized spaced-repetition review system
  • Auto play allows for hands-free and on-the-go learning
  • Downloadable lessons available for offline access
  • Interactive listening and reading exercises
  • Essential cultural insights
  • Conformance to international standards
  • Designed to comply with ADA standards
  • Bluetooth compatibility
  • Personal support from real people

Mango Languages Reviews

Rowan Fae: After trying Duolingo, I must say that Mango Languages is my favorite app for learning languages, especially if you are learning a language using a different script. It starts with pronunciation and gives you clear information about grammar. My favorite feature is the part where you can record yourself speaking the word or phrase and then listen to the audio. It will give you a good idea about your pronunciation. I love this app!

Timothy Singler: This can be used with Spanish-Dic, Duolingo Plus and REword. My learning cycle is completed by teaching the basic principles of Spanish sentence structure idioms. It’s a wonderful combination. Mango has more information about cultural differences in languages.

Waters: It provides me with useful information. I also like the way it allows you to review your voice and record your voice. The variety of content is also a plus. A more comprehensive table of contents would be a plus, so that if I have a specific chapter to review, I could return and locate it. It is the reason why I did not give it a 5-star rating.

Download Mango Languages APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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