Publisher Lucid Dev Team,
Category Personalization,
Latest Version V6.0241 PRODUCTION
Size 4MB
MOD Features No
Requirements Android 4.1 Network required+
Updated On February 26, 2022
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Lucid Launcher Pro Introduction

Lucid Launcher Pro APK is an Android launcher for those users looking for an app of minimalism, convenience, and functionality. It is small and easy to use.

What is a Launcher?

Android devices are known for their incredible Customization capabilities. iOS has a pre-installed interface that must be followed from the beginning. Android allows users to change the look and feel of every page. The design can be customized to suit your style and purpose. To do this customization well, you will need to locate a Launcher application.

Lucid Launcher Pro APK is a Launcher application with a unique interface. It is simple to use and intuitive.

Lucid Launcher Pro has a clean interface


The reason many people like to keep their home screen (and inner interface) clean is that they want to easily focus on the main functions of their phone (emailing, chatting, online meetings, calling…) instead of worrying about complicated effects on each interface. You will also be able to quickly select the desired feature if your phone is clean and simple. This will save you time and effort, rather than having to navigate through multiple complicated interface pages.

Lucid Launcher Pro’s interface style is nearly identical to that of a forest full of Launcher applications. The minimalist approach simplifies everything. Every interface on your Android device is clear, simple, and easy-to-read.

The Launcher application is light and doesn’t take up too much memory.

The more complex images, textures, and effects, the more difficult it is to keep track of the updated content inside, and it’s also heavier for the device. Lucid Launcher Pro APK is minimalistic. It’s all about focusing on the big and small color boxes and interesting color combinations. Its mission is to make a Launcher application that anyone can use easily, which is unique and beautiful.

It is highly customizable

Lucid Launcher Pro not only looks great, but it also allows users to customize each page. Edit icons, text, interfere with the icons of other third-party applications… All you can do these jobs easily in Lucid Launcher Pro.

There are many utilities that can be used to customize your mobile use habits

Lucid Launcher Pro allows you to scroll horizontally on your mobile phone if you’re a person who uses it with one hand.

Lucid Launcher Pro APK is a great tool to help you change your app locations and keep your phone looking fresh. To quickly access the apps you need, drag them to the home screen and hold the icons for easy access.

Lucid-Launcher-Pro-APK2Lucid Launcher Pro APK – App Screenshot

Lucid Launcher Pro offers the following small useful features:

  • Hide apps from the favorites folder
  • More pages
  • Two homepages can be created at once
  • You can create custom themes for your sidebar
  • Search any folder or application on the device, even hidden mode.
  • Add icon to the folder
  • Choose a color as the folder
  • A summary of all notifications displayed in a concise form (messages/to-do lists/to-do notes emails, social media activities etc.
  • Support widgets, folders and shortcuts
  • Although these are minor features, they will make your experience with the device easier and more efficient.

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Main Features

  • Vertical scrolling home pages
  • App Drawer as a Grid, or List
  • Support for icons
  • Icon editing
  • Unlimitless widgets
  • Favorites sidebar (with intro animation
  • Search-bar (with the possibility to search for apps and contacts).
  • Side-bar (contains your favorite apps)
  • Many customization options
  • Launcher with fully functional Web Browser (can be disabled via “Manage Screens”)
  • Ecosia, the default search engine for Ecosia, is intended to help you plant trees all over the globe. The more you search, more funds go to planting
  • Use Custom Search Text
  • Support for Widgets, Folders, and Shortcuts
  • Home page layouts in landscape and portrait.
  • Snap grid or a free home page
  • Page transitions
  • Dynamic Shortcuts for Android 7.1+
  • Quick Scroll in the App Drawer and Other Areas
  • Spanish, Italian French, Hungarian Portuguese, German, Russian and other translations

Review Lucid Launcher Pro

Brett Pendleton: Love this app! The developer took the time and updated it. Now it is 100% working with Android 12 greatbjob developers

Chaz Christensen: Great launcher! I love the Adaptive Icon Pack app, but it doesn’t work with this browser ……. I can set Adaptive Icon Pack on my regular launcher and they will display the icons. However, if I add instant apps to my home screen, I cannot change them using Adaptive Icon Pack. Some of my icons are square and there is no way to make them rounder, so they don’t match.

Kel: It’s amazing how useful and beautiful this app is. It’s everything I love about it. It is amazing how customizable it can be. The screens are now vertical, instead of horizontal. Perfectly laid out are the app drawer, favorites, and browser. I was a long-time Android user and had to leave for Apple. Now, I’m back with Android. This launcher is amazing. I HIGHLY recommend!!

Em Cee: This launcher is amazing. It’s one of my favorite launchers. It’s easy to use and completely changes the stock Android interface. My Nokia 8.3 had one small problem. Sometimes the home button setup doesn’t respond properly. It won’t allow me to go home from any screen. It doesn’t work to restart the launcher using its settings. A very nice app with many great features. Perhaps the home button problem will be fixed in a future update. Nice job.

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