Publisher Lightricks Ltd.,
Latest Version
Size 81MB
MOD Features Pro Unlocked
Requirements Android 8.0+
Updated On March 11, 2022
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Lightleap by Lightricks Introduction

Download Lightleap by Lightricks MOD APK (Pro Unlocked) version now to be able to capture special moments. We love this app smart features, and it’s great that you can use them with just one click of the screen.

It’s quick and simple

Lightleap is a photo editing application by Lightricks that is easy to use and has advanced features, such as customizable filters and batch editing. Our favorite feature is however the easiest: The shooting mode ensures that your photos stay straight.

Normaly, after taking a tilted picture, you will need to manually cut or adjust it. Quickshot mode automatically captures directly through the viewfinder.

The viewfinder will compensate for tilting in the opposite direction if you tilt your phone. This will ensure that the picture is always full. This saves time and allows you to get the perfect shot. It will be easy to make minor changes to the layout.


Far East Style

You want to capture a moving image? Strobe Mode is the best option. Prepare for a surprise. This mode takes multiple images at once, then the subject is removed from the image, the background is mixed and the subject is re-pair. This results in a photo of the whole motion frozen in one second. You won’t believe what you hear, you will be convinced!

You can tell someone to jump, throw, acrobatics or perform any fast-moving actions. Click on the tab icon to the left to merge the photo with other images. You get a photo that is unique and fascinating. It’s amazing how simple things can be made to look so complex.


Lightleap-by-Lightricks-MOD-APK2Lightleap by Lightricks MOD APK – App Screenshot

You may already know the HDR function from the iPhone’s built-in camera application, but Lightleap by Lightricks MOD APK has a separate version: HDR +. This feature blends a variety of images at different exposure levels (brightness, medium and dark) and then blends them to create images with darker shadows or highlights. This feature can add color and texture to your landscape or sunset shots. The application will instantly blend your photo. You can then adjust the slider to balance the light and dark areas.

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Lightleap by Lightingricks Reviews

Loran Stankovic: It’s very fun and fancy to do dating art, designing, and frame. It is fun to create art with others and it is easy to light jump by lighttrick. This is a brilliant idea. You can create more art. It’s easy. It will work as long as you need it. I’ll keep using light leap art. It is too useful and helps. It’s the best app to create a photo that makes me Lt 4k and 8k. You can do it your way. It’s not boring, but it’s unique. It’s very fancy to use any photos you have.

Samantha AKA Damon Milton: I was trying to find an app that could help me get rid of logos, unwanted objects and/or time stamps. This app does a good job, but you will need to subscribe if it works and does what it is supposed to.

Winston and Natalya: Love it ❤️ , will definitely be signing up for a subscription… There are so many options to enhance your photos or just improve the overall quality of your pictures. It’s one of my favourite apps.👍

Demelsha Nickel: These are easy to use and yet powerful. This app is great for removing any unwelcome defects. You can even select your background. This app is great for kids.

Download Lightleap by Lightricks APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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