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Latest Version 2.27
Size 8MB
MOD Features No
Requirements Android 5.0 Network required+
Updated On March 11, 2022
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InternetGuard Introduction

InternetGuard APK will ensure that your device does not automatically download malicious software. The network speed will improve by blocking certain unneeded applications.

Block Internet access by third parties

Sometimes, your smartphone will automatically download and install unknown software from the Internet. You know, when things happen like that, there’s a high chance that the application contains viruses. These viruses can cause your device’s to freeze or worse, they could even steal your data.

InternetGuard will make it easy to solve these problems. You can either filter, authorize or block each application that connects to the Internet. This strict control can be used to prevent unwelcome agents.

However, blocking Internet access will also reduce data usage and battery consumption. It is easy to control applications and increase privacy. This application will notify you immediately if a new application connects to the Internet. This will inform you about what’s happening on your device.


Many options

InternetGuard has many options to ensure you have the best possible experience. The screen can be set to allow Internet connection. This will save time and make it easier to connect via the internet. This also prevents background applications from running unnecessarily.

To give you more control, roaming and blocking system applications are optional. Individual addresses can also be blocked on any one of these applications. It’s convenient, right?

A smart application

InternetGuard will automatically launch the application with the device you have already installed. This app automatically detects all installed applications on your device to make it easier to manage. InternetGuard is also easy to share with your family members and friends. This application supports many devices.

InternetGuard APK also supports connection-sharing, including IPv6, UDP and IPv4. It does not support Android devices older than 5.1.

InternetGuard will protect your Android firewall without root. There are no calls, tracking, or data usage analysis. You can ensure maximum privacy for your users. In addition, this application operates under the motto “customer comments help the application to grow more”, they own an enthusiastic staff ready to support every time of the day.

Be safe from hackers

This feature is a great way to make InternetGuard more trusted and easier to use every day. You can check your data usage for every application with this feature. Click on the main screen to view data usage.

InternetGuard can also use the VPN package installed on your device to set up firewalls. This app processes all data sent and received by applications before it reaches your phone.

InternetGuard displays a network speed graph. The status bar notification allows you to see your network speed. InternetGuard also records outbound traffic and sends logs to you. It can analyze traffic by exporting PCAP files and searches for other traffic attempts.

Interpersonal professional

InternetGuard-APK2InternetGuard APK – App Screenshot

This app has a simple, but professional interface. InternetGuard APK is easy to use, even without the need for instructions. This app has two main interfaces, dark and light. Five new themes have been added. These subjects can be used in the daytime and at night, without affecting your vision.

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Main Features

  • Easy to use
  • Android firewall protection with **NO** ROOT REQUIRED!!
  • No calling home
  • No analytics or tracking
  • Actively developed, supported
  • Android 5.1 or later is supported
  • Supported IPv4/IPv6 TCP/UDP
  • Tethering is supported
  • Optionally, you can block roaming
  • Multiple device users supported
  • Optionally, allow screen on
  • Optionally, block system applications
  • Automated launch of startup device
  • Automatically identifies all the apps currently installed on your device
  • Notifies and identifies new apps that access the Web
  • On a per-application basis, set Allow/Block
  • Select apps can be disabled from the background
  • Get full data usage visibility
  • Material design theme in light and dark colors
  • Log all traffic, search and filter access attempts. Export PCAP files for traffic analysis
  • Allow/block individual addresses per application
  • Notifications of new applications; configure InternetGuard right from the notification
  • Status bar notification: Display network speed graph
  • You can choose from five additional themes in the light or dark version.

InternetGuard Reviews

Василий Демин: Хорошее бесплатное приложение. Ненавязчивая реклама, стабильная работа(вылетало по неизвестной причине всего один раз), гибкая система мониторинга и контроля за трафиком. Перевод(translation): Good payless app. Stable work, no ads.

Harish ragav: Bad internet connection caused many lags and bugs.

Bassel monzer: Only app that blocks mobile data access efficiently and smoothly. Easy to use and runs smoothly. 💪Bravo!

Download InternetGuard Data Saver Firewall APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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