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Google Voice Introduction

Google Voice APK makes mobile calls easier, quicker, and more enjoyable. One simple operation allows you to make outbound and inbound calls as well as perform other tasks.

What is Google Voice exactly?

My view of Google apps (especially Google Drive, Google Docs), has changed drastically since I began using them for work. They don’t make you worry about security. They are now an active partner at work. Since then, I’ve been more attentive to Google applications. Google Voice, which is a very useful but undiscovered feature, is one.

Google Voice is the official, free app. The way it works is that it will give you a mobile number based on Google’s cloud data, and you can use this number to do anything like a cell phone. Google Voice can help you make inbound and outbound calls, record voice automatically, synchronize devices, text, and share photos…


What is Google Voice like other online calling services and how does it differ from others?

You may have used many online communication services such as Skype, Zoom… Google Voice is a little different from these. It is not a remote communication service via video (video conference). Google Voice isn’t the same as other IM apps on mobile and is not an application for calling or chat.

Google Voice is a method to link a paid telephone service with a free cloud-based service. Using Google Voice, you can also redirect all calls-to-Google-Drive-number to any desired phone number.

You can use Google Voice in these situations:

  • Calls even when you are in a place where you can’t access a landline number
  • Contact a person but don’t want to publish your private phone number
  • You wish to cancel your current mobile phone plan, but still need to make calls to other people
  • If they call your canceled cell phone number
  • You don’t want to pay for phone services and save money.

Google Voice is the most efficient tool for any of the above.

How do you make and receive calls using Google Voice?

Google Voice APK, the most basic service, will enable you to make VOIP phone calls. This means you can make calls online without a telephone. When you sign up for your first Google Voice account, you can make phone calls automatically until you have installed Google Voice on your phone or linked your Google Voice number with another number. This function allows you to view, call, and text your voicemails from your tablet, without having to use your phone.

Once you have linked your Google Voice account with your mobile number, it is possible to make and receive Google Voice calls right away from your phone using screen call mode. However, do not give your real number to the other party. This is a great feature if you need contact multiple people and don’t want to share your phone number for privacy reasons. This mode allows you to set the settings you desire when you use Google Voice.

  • Allow you to make and receive calls over the internet and/or via mobile phone
  • You can choose to receive email notifications about missed calls from Google email, or you can not
  • Automatic recording and switching of phones during calls
  • You can set No disturb mode to stop receiving calls automatically
  • Allow diverting calls to be routed to voicemail

Google Voice now has a call panel. This panel displays your number and suggests contacts. The good news is that this panel will always be on your screen. That means if you want, you’ll have instant, easy access to your quick contacts with just one touch on the screen.

Google-Voice-APK2Google Voice APK – App Screenshot

Google Voice Texting

If you receive SMS messages to a mobile number, they will automatically go to Google Voice. These receiving modes can be enabled together to ensure that you never miss any messages.

Google Voice texting is as easy and as convenient as regular texting. It also allows you to quickly share photos and message multiple people at once.

Google Voice APK has high synchronization abilities. Simply download the application to devices and log in to your personal account. All data will be automatically synchronized from PC, tablet, or mobile phone.

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Main Features

You are in control

Get spam filtered automatically and block numbers you don’t want to hear from. You can manage your time with personal settings to forward calls, text messages and voicemail.

Searchable and backed up

To make it easier for you to search your past, calls, voicemails, and text messages are all stored and backed-up.

Manage messages across devices

You can send and receive SMS messages to all your devices.

Your voicemail, transcribed

Google Voice offers advanced voicemail transcriptions you can access in the app, and/or send to your email.

Save on International Calling

You can make international calls at affordable rates and not pay extra for international minutes.

Google Voice Reviews

Cyquna: Amazing App. I just needed to enter my mom’s number and was granted a free number. Fast, ad-free. I don’t have any data so I only use it when there is wifi, which is almost always all the time. It’s better than the Free Texting apps, which require expensive subscriptions. You can also remove your number from the app if you aren’t using it for a while. You can use it as a web client on any device with a browser to send and receive text messages.

Molly Fisher: This app is great. This interface is much easier than the default Android Marshmallow interface for managing phone calls. It was at first hard to believe that it wasn’t going to do what I wanted. I thought, “This is better than the regular phonecall manager system!” Google Voice now manages my phone calls and I’m happy. My phone number can be hidden so that I don’t need to give my actual # to stranger danger.

Randall Gillispie: Google Voice has been my phone service for more than 10 years. I highly recommend it as a reliable, affordable, and flexible telephone service. Because phone numbers have changed over the years, call forwarding has been extremely useful. There is no contract or fee. It’s free to download.

Download Google Voice APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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