Publisher Google LLC,
Category Tools,
Latest Version 1.13.201020059
Size 21MB
MOD Features No
Requirements Android 6.0 Network required+
Updated On January 5, 2022
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Google Lens Introduction

Google Lens APK is a tool which uses your device’s camera to interact with the world around you and extract useful information. This information is combined with other apps on the phone to provide useful results quickly, efficiently, and increasing in accuracy. It also feels very futuristic as this point and has a lot of ‘wow factor’.

What is the Google Lens app?

Google-Lens-APK1Google Lens APK – App Screenshot

Google Lens APK is part of Google’s AI toolkit. It uses your camera and tries to find the object you are pointing it towards. If you point Google Lens towards a shop front when you’re walking down the street, it will cross-reference the view with Google Streetview are deliver a search result for that shop, with options such as reviews and booking a table. It might also show you nearby florists if you point it at flowers. Google Lens can save you time by automatically saving your login details for your router.

Google Lens: How does it work?

This technology is still in its infancy. It doesn’t yet work on all devices and does have trouble identifying certain objects or providing the right options in the right context. Google will continue to improve the app, despite competition from major brands in this area.


  • Futuristic features
  • Explore the world without pause


  • Some users are unhappy about the compatibility between devices
  • Sometimes, not always accurate


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Main Features

Scan & Translate Text

  • To save time, translate words you see, save business cards to your contacts, add events from a poster to your calendar, and copy long paragraphs or complicated codes into your phone.

Identify Plants & Animals

  • Find out what the plant is in your friend’s apartment or what type of dog you saw in a park.

Explore Local Places

  • Find out about landmarks and information about restaurants and storefronts and Find historical facts and ratings as well as hours of operation.

Find the look you like

  • Are you a fan of an outfit? A chair that will fit perfectly in your living room? Look for similar furniture and home decor items to yours.

You Know What to Order

  • Google Maps reviews help you find the best restaurants to eat.

Scan codes

  • Quickly scan QR codes or barcodes.

Google Lens reviews

Ryan One: The app is able to identify nearly 100% of almost any object that it takes photos of. Take 2 fingers to hold the object. When you see the small blue dot in its middle, take a picture. If the object is too big to hold, place it in a bright lamp or spotlight from above. 5 stars for entertainment, 5 stars if it is easy to use, and 5 for identification!

Quaid Rasheed: Amazing. It used to scan directly documents and images, without needing to use the camera to capture a photo. It won’t scan an image or doc that is already opened, It opens the camera or gallery to select a picture to scan. I tried again, searched for settings but could not find it. Plx, please.

Nancy Gilboy: This app is simply amazing! Brilliant! It’s amazing! When I was acting as administrator for an estate, I found something very unusual in the house of a relative. But, I wasn’t sure if this was valuable. Google Lens revealed that it was a fragment of the Statue of Liberty’s Restoration embedded in a glass ball. It’s now a family heirloom because her husband was involved in the restoration.

Download Google Lens APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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