Publisher Photo Gallery Tools,
Latest Version 3.3.7
Size 11MB
MOD Features Premium Unlocked
Requirements Android 5.0 Network required+
Updated On March 5, 2022
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Gallery Introduction

Gallery MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) is a smart mobile photo library. It allows you to manage your images and videos quickly, efficiently, and cleanly.

Gallery: What does it mean?

Smartphones today have better quality video recording and sharper photography, so your phone will hold more photos and videos. You will eventually find them nearly full.

Now, we need to tidy it all up and organize the data into a folder that makes it easy to find what we are looking for whenever we need it. The videos are even more complex than the pictures. After dividing them, you must watch them again, delete or cut them neatly so that the device’s space does not take up too much. You must arrange them properly. Gallery is a simple but powerful app.

Gallery MOD APK is an app that allows you to manage photos, videos, and photo collections in general. It makes it easy for users to arrange their items in a way that is easily accessible so they can be viewed, used, sent, and shared anywhere.


Beautiful and simple interface

After taking/recording, your photos and videos will automatically be accessible in the Gallery. The photo library features a clear, beautiful interface with images and videos. The background is solid colored and the text is concise for quick follow-up. Gallery is very easy to use. All you have to do to make Gallery work is touch and drag. It is easy to use for anyone. There are no restrictions or barriers.

Smart Sorting and Fast and Efficient Search Support

You have many images: GIFs, stills, videos, photo albums. So, it’s going to be really hard if everything gets mixed up. Gallery will make it difficult to organize your videos and photos.

With this app, it’s much easier to find because depending on the included images, Gallery will support two ways of the arrangement:

  • Auto type
  • Sort according to the user’s intention

Gallery will automatically organize your images by format if you select auto-sort. You can also sort them by time and important times clusters. For example, if there’s a birthday, then all of the image files from that day will be placed in a separate folder. It is also easy to see that folders are automatically created for websites and social networks. For example, the photo-downloaded album or photo album on Facebook/Instagram. Depending on the settings you made, you can choose whether or not to display them.

If you arrange according to the user’s intention, you will actively create folders with different names and choose the images to put in here. This is similar to saving an image to your computer. You can find photos, videos, or photo albums with different criteria by using these arrangements in the Gallery.

Photos can be viewed and shared quickly via social networks

Gallery MOD APK allows you to view beautiful images. You can view separate photos, watch videos in a separate format, view slideshow photos by album or random slideshow, and view in timeline order from near to far or vice versa…

Gallery-MOD-APK2Gallery MOD APK – App Screenshot

With just one touch, photos and videos stored in the Gallery can easily be shared on social media. No problem sharing photos with friends via Bluetooth or email.

You can view detailed information about each image by touching the symbol. This will allow you to see its date, location, people (if it is linked to Facebook or other social networks), file type, size, and file name. Other operations on the image can also be done quickly: copy, duplicate, delete, rename, edit with a series of available image editing tools, set as wallpaper…

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Main Features

  • Simple and beautiful photo gallery
  • You can quickly search for images, GIFs and videos.
  • The photo viewer allows you to sort and view files
  • It is easy to share videos and photos to social media, email and other places
  • Show photo and video details
  • Photo manager allows to rename or delete, share, modify, and edit photos, videos, and GIFs
  • You can make any image your wallpaper
  • Modern photo gallery and video gallery
  • With gestures, zoom photos, videos and GIFs effortlessly
  • Slideshow with photos
  • Dark mode

Gallery Reviews

Khiêm Ng.: The interface is clean and simple. This app is not only good but it’s perfect for anyone who wants to have a comprehensive way of organizing images.

Kenji Bailly: I accidentally gave you 1 star because I misclicked. I’m hoping to rectify this by giving 5 stars. The app is perfect!

Yohanes zewde: I was searching for an app like this. This app is exactly what you need. It doesn’t have annoying ads, it can play videos, and you can even set wallpapers with it.

ToomanyJ’s ToomanyR’s: It’s very simple. I don’t like the fact that it asks for my permission every time I delete a photo. Annoying.

Download Gallery - photo gallery, album APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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