Publisher Tacit Dynamics,
Latest Version 3.1.10
Size 48MB
MOD Features No
Requirements Android 6.0 Network required+
Updated On February 11, 2022
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FolderSync Pro Introduction

FolderSync Pro APK will eliminate the stress of having too many data stored in cloud accounts. You can also manage them easily on your mobile and tablet devices by using this synchronization application.

FolderSync Pro: When is it needed?

We all know that the amount of data, images, and videos stored on smartphones and computers is not enough. Most people have at minimum one online storage account, such as Dropbox or Google Drive. And when there are many accounts in these various places, using multiple respective applications makes things quite confusing, especially when you don’t really remember the place of each folder in these clouds.

In another situation, when you don’t have any cloud storage accounts, you need to use one of the above storage services but don’t know which one is suitable for you.

If you are confused like one of the two reasons above, it’s time to download FolderSync Pro.


What is FolderSync Pro?

FolderSync Pro APK allows you to simultaneously use the three most important cloud services of today, Google Drive, Dropbox and Box. It also has connections to Microsoft’s OneDrive, SugarSync, and many other services.

In other words, the FolderSync Pro application will help you synchronize all your data, information, folders, pictures, videos… in different cloud services into one place. FTP or Windows Share protocol (Samba/CIFS). FolderSync Pro lets you create a mini cloud storage network with compatible routers and FolderSync can then be used to sync data between personal devices and the network.

FolderSync Pro APK makes it easy to sync data. Simply download the app to your mobile device and access your personal cloud accounts. Data will be instantly synchronized and regrouped. You can backup music, videos, and other important files to your cloud storage. Tasker automation is available for fine-grained control of the synchronization process.

What other functions can FolderSync Pro perform?

FolderSync Pro lets you set a specific time for synchronization. You can choose to have it done once a day or once a week. Everything from all places will be synchronized immediately after you install. No matter which device you open your cloud account on, the data in it is the most up-to-date, consistent with what’s showing up on mobile.

The FolderSync Pro app allows you to further customize the data sync process by selecting the backup method: delete the original, or keep it as is.

FolderSync Pro can be used to manage files and cloud data on your tablet or mobile phone. All management operations from basic to advanced such as copying, uploading, downloading, moving, deleting, naming, creating… can be done as easily and friendly as managing File manager on PC.

FolderSync Pro makes it even easier to manage everything. It is easier to work with one interface than to navigate to each hosting account individually. FolderSync Pro’s content presentation is very simple and intuitive. All operations are easier and more intuitive thanks to the new background and fonts.


FolderSync-Pro-APK2FolderSync Pro APK – App Screenshot

Since FolderSync Pro’s focus is on synchronizing all data across online cloud accounts, the manufacturer’s first criterion is extremely wide compatibility. FolderSync Pro supports many compatible storage cloud options, and includes a number of names that every user has used at least once such as:

  • Amazon Simple Storage Service – 3
  • Box
  • CloudMe
  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • HiDrive
  • Livedrive Premium
  • MEGA
  • MyKolab
  • NetDocuments
  • OneDrive
  • OneDrive for Business
  • OwnCloud
  • pCloud
  • Storegate
  • SugarSync
  • WEB.DE
  • Yandex Disk

FolderSync Pro supports this protocol

  • FTP
  • FTPS (SSL/TLS implicit)
  • FTPES (SSL/TLS explicit)
  • SFTP (SSH file transfer)
  • Share with Samba1/CIFS/Windows
  • SMB2
  • WebDAV (HTTPS).

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FolderSync Pro Reviews

Aubrey Blumsohn: It’s great! I have not been able to do any synchronisations since the update. Every attempt to synchronise anything to Googledrive terminates with an Error”Error Occurred while syncing java.lang.illegalstateexception expected begin_object but was string at line 2 column 13. Now I have no backup. Update: I had to delete all 25 folder pairs to delete my GDrive account and get it deleted. The rest is easy.

Brian Maloney: Nearly deducted a star because I thought that you would have to do everything again after upgrading. There is an import and export option. This app is amazing and the developer should be paid. This app is unique.

Mr. M: It’s a great app. Although it is more technical than most people would like, when hosting your own cloud, the cloud is not your computer, it is important to have strong sync.

Jim Copeland: A Synology NAS hosts a webdav server. This app is used to sync my photos from my NAS to webdavs. It works LEGUES better than native Synology photo apps. You can set it and forget. It’s simple.

Download FolderSync Pro APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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