epsxe Mod 2.0.14 (Full Unlocked)

Download epsxe Mod APK 2.0.14 (Full Unlocked)

Introduction App

ePSXe is a PlayStation I (PSI) game emulator that supports most games, acting as a PC Plug-in. This application is compatible with Microsoft Windows, Linux and OS X operating systems. It helps users to experience a fast-paced gaming environment with minimal problems.

ePSXe is a Playstation I gaming emulator with the ability to create the same gaming environment as you would with dedicated handheld devices. This software requires you to set up the necessary configurations on the machine such as Bios, Video, Sound … before playing, instructing users how to load the game to start playing or exchange discs with games with multiple discs.

EgSxGPB - epsxe 2.0.14 (Full Unlocked)ePSXe- App Screenshot

Main Features

  • Playstation I Gaming Emulator on PC
  • Set appropriate parameters for sound, picture, frame rate
  • Create a professional gaming environment
  • Detailed installation instructions step by step

Reviews Of App

Wayne Ellis: If you want to relive some of those ps1 games on Android, you need this app. Once your app is set up and the relevant roms (games) downloaded, just click and you’ll get the game. Invest in a mobile game console for proper application usage as the virtual buttons on the screen take up a lot of space.

Senn Tan: tried both fpse and this one. This one is more beginner-friendly, with less to modify settings. the only problem so far is not being able to get vibrate function to work with xbox or 8bitdo controller. also tried many times but failed to map fast forward to hw nodes. hard to map out a.

Cylant Justice: I thought I would give an update to my review. It’s still a great PS1 emulator and I’ve never had any problems with it in years. Everything including the controller is easy to set up and the game runs flawlessly. Excellent work Devs.