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Updated On February 26, 2022
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Earth 3D Introduction

Earth 3D APK not only provides a location search and observation feature, but it also supports the teaching and learning of geography for people who have a passion for this subject.

Which method should you use to find geography?

Sometimes, you might want to buy a globe along with large maps for research purposes and to look up information about geographic areas. The globe doesn’t speak so you will need to spend some time searching Google to locate the area. A wall area is required for the map. It can only show the geographic position of a particular aspect (national, regional or country, depending on the criteria for each map).

They are both expensive if you want high-quality. It is impossible to zoom in and out to see the exact areas you are interested in. And it’s really hard to see the 3D form, even if you’re using a super-sized, well-rounded globe. It is possible to locate a quick geo-research mobile application like 3D Earth that offers more information, in a simpler, cheaper, and more efficient way.

You can easily locate any country around the globe with the 3D Earth Geo-Viewer. Each country comes with a 3D map and the corresponding basic general information: name, area, politics, population, religion, national flag, major territories, neighbors, longitude, latitude…


The most versatile planet

Earth 3D APK is a mini globe that allows you zoom in and out whenever you like. You can view all countries around the globe in 3D Earth mode with a simple application. Zoom in and out for more detail and you can rotate it in the same way as you would on a planet.

You can always find the borders of countries and the Earth grid lines, which are divided by longitude or latitude. You can bookmark your favorites countries to make it easier to find them the next time you visit (like a bookmark while reading a book) and you can also enter your name to search for the country that you wish to visit and receive a note.

This 3D APK globe will then move to the desired location. You can zoom it to any size that you like. You can also quickly enter coordinates if you need to pinpoint a specific location.

The screen will display basic information for each country, as well as the location of the country. This helps you to both find the correct place and keep track of it. It is very convenient for studying geography at school, isn’t it?

3D maps of countries

Earth 3D displays 3D maps. This 3D map, similar to the globe, shows the borders of countries. Each country is marked separately. The entire river, sea and terrain distribution can be viewed from one country to the next. You will also find basic information about each country on the screen.

Earth-3D-APK2Earth 3D APK – App Screenshot

If you don’t like the way the 3D globe is displayed, you can use this 3D map mode to easily bring into view all the details spread on the 3D geographic location. 3D maps of Earth 3D are as useful as the globe feature, depending on how you need to learn geography.

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Main Features

  • Earth Relief Model
  • Maps of world political and physical boundaries
  • Day/Night cycle with city lights
  • Time zones
  • More than 2600 geospatial objects
  • More than 500 Wonders of the World
  • Add-on Human World
  • More than 2,100 photos
  • Add-on Animal World
  • Plant World add-on
  • Sky Map add-on
  • Description of every object or point on the surface
  • 15x zoom
  • Global weather
  • Demo mode with original music

Earth 3D Reviews

Joshua Gouge: My favorite app! I have gained so much from this beautiful and informative app. Anyone with an interest in geography, culture, the environment or any aspect of the animal or plant life on this vast and beautiful planet would benefit greatly from this app. It is easy to visualize the place we are in space with an astronomy extension. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

Oh Family: This app is fun and offers a lot to explore for children and adults.

Fearless leader: It was an amazing experience! A great way to explore the planet called Earth ?! I love this app. I bought for 99¢ each the optional add-ons Human World ? and[ Animal ? World! This app has a great search ? engine or I just let my fingers do the walking ? and explore. I have learned so much about the planet that I was unaware of! ✈Beautiful Graphics Works great on my Samsung phone & tablet ?!

Download Earth 3D - World Atlas APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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