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It is easy to look up the dictionary. However, to always carry the dictionary with you and use it properly, you must have a “trick”. Why haven’t you tried Premium APK yet?

Simple and flexible dictionary

A Dictionary is required to learn any language. This is the best and most traditional way to learn new words and understand grammar patterns. You can also apply them in context. In the past, anyone who learned English would “carry” a big dictionary.

Those days are gone. Today, wherever you go, you will need quick and simple information. Therefore, the original dictionary is now less frequently used. Now we’ve got Smartphone Dictionary. With the help of apps downloaded to your phone, you can have a dictionary within minutes. You can use Premium, a smart dictionary app that I have created.

Before I found Premium, I had tried several similar apps. However, nothing was satisfactory. Some features were so basic that they didn’t even give examples of word usage. I felt uncomfortable because some of the ads were too numerous. I ended up signing up for Premium after a trial period. Premium APK – App Screenshot

Convenient, practical and convenient feature Premium APK offers many different things to explore and learn. You don’t just need to look up words, but also consider their meanings. Using Premium, you’ll get much more information you need. This is what determines how words are engraved into memory.

For example, when you look up the word “shelter”, in addition to the brief meaning, Premium will automatically display a variety of other application information of the word, including type of word, usage in sentences, giving examples of context. You can also show words with similar meanings but different usage (like detached house or bungalow, villa, greenhouse, or service station).

All information in the accompanying materials is in English. You will need to be able to understand it. To do so, your curiosity rises and you look for another word in the information series. This gives you the chance to acquire another vocabulary.

Rich, reliable content Premium APK uses content and information from and These two sites are among the most popular online dictionary sites. This dictionary application will surely benefit from this wealth of information. Any of these English words, phrases, or idioms can be found, as well as those you see in English movies, books and stories.

Offline attribute

The only problem I have encountered with other smartphone dictionary programs is the need to be online to use it. Premium does not require you to be online. All you need is to download the application with all the content and then use it offline. Only some specific features are required online (but these are rarely used, so don’t worry).

More than a regular dictionary

These are the reasons Premium is my choice. Premium can offer more than just a mobile dictionary application. Here are some examples:

The automated Word of the Day feature is extremely useful for newbies. This feature will automatically bring you a new word every day. The app will display tons of related information, including meaning, usage, pronunciation, synonyms, and how to distinguish between similar words. Here are a few English articles that include this word. This will allow you to learn vocabulary, how to use them, practice sentences and improve your reading comprehension. Premium APK supports the translation of long texts into other languages.

You can even find a function cluster to learn and look up the meanings specialized words. Select the major you’re interested in, and then enter an unfamiliar word. Your knowledge bank will be visible before your eyes. Premium APK offers a few convenience features to make it easier for users. You can adjust the screen contrast by turning on or off the dark mode. This is useful for controlling the device’s performance when you are using it for a prolonged period of time. Premium also offers a variety of word puzzles in its Word Puzzle section. There are crossword puzzles, anagrams, word matching, spelling puzzles… It’s both fun and good to improve vocabulary, and it’s also useful to use relaxation to kill time.

If you are too busy typing to search for a word, you can search using your voice. I like one particular detail. If you are unsure how to spell a word, you can simply read it aloud. The app will automatically filter the word and correct the pronunciation.

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Jovita: This is the best feature, especially for learner’s. We used learner’s feature to help us understand words in everyday situations.

Ray Ochoa: It’s a wonderful dictionary. The learning section for any word that you search is my favorite feature. It explains the meaning of each word in layman’s language. Your saved words (stared terms) should be able to transfer from one device to another. Unfortunately, this feature has not been updated. Once that becomes a feature, then I’ll give it 10 stars 🌟 🤩 ✨

Jasper Peñaredondo: The offline dictionary must be optimized. It is slow to download and has a poor interface. It will stop if you try to download it when the screen is off, It is very glitchy, unfortunately. Please optimize it.

Kyle Robinson: I love the word and the day! This is an app I have had for 6 years and take as a given. I chose the premium version because it was worth my money. It’s still a pleasure.

Download Premium APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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