Publisher DvTonder,
Latest Version 19.2.1
Size 8MB
MOD Features Pro Unlocked
Requirements Android+
Updated On January 19, 2022
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Chronus Introduction

Chronus can be called a “series of applications” that provide and display a variety of useful information such as News, Clock, Weather… Just with Chronus MOD APK only, you will have all the information synchronized on the phone screen.

Why do we need Chronus?

Every day, hundreds of information needs to be updated. It would be amazing if there were a tool that could put all your information in one place, sync them quickly, and let you see what you need in a matter of seconds. Chronus can perform this miracle.

Chronus MOD APK is Chronus Information Widgets. This name has already shown its value. This application displays a variety of useful information on your phone screen. You can see many things in one: Clock, Weather, Stocks, Schedule of the Day, Highlights…


Reduce time and effort

You don’t have to read a lot of newspapers or surf a few websites looking for news every day. Instead, Chronus will give you all the latest brief news. Chronus can also provide all the information you need, so there’s no need to watch TV or look at the weather forecast. There’s also no need for an alarm clock or a separate stock app because there is Chronus here. Chronus now contains a lot more information. Are you aware of how much time and effort it will save to search Chronus?

Chronus MOD APK is currently integrating multiple applications like Flex, Flex Analog news, and tasks. Yahoo, OpenWeatherMap (weather Underground), Norwegian MET and Norwegian MET are available to see the weather. DashClock can be used for Alarm Clock. There are also many news apps that you can use. You don’t need to open many different applications or single widgets anymore, just use Chronus. All of it will be automatically consolidated and streamlined, and all will appear on your home screen. You can then quickly update any information you are interested.

All updates are synchronized with the most beautiful interface and have a better user experience

Chronus, like other widgets is customizable and can be used with any Android home screen. However, is optimized for data and usage many times better than other widgets. Chronus is capable of holding a lot information at once. This is possible because multiple utilities can be accessed on the same device and the same terminal processing platform. So, they are all updated in the easiest, most understandable and complete way.

There are many options available for color, arrangement, clock display, placement for information, and other details. Each color tone and arrangement can be easily selected depending on the user’s mood, preferences, and habits. You can also use this feature to make yourself feel better, especially in the morning when you are not feeling motivated to work.

For those with poor memory

Chronus has additional features like incoming message notification and new email notification. It also allows for missed calls notification to minimize the possibility of important calls being lost.

Chronus is the best application for forgetful individuals. It will be a great help. Newsfeed includes an RSS feed, a calendar, and a list of upcoming events. Make sure you can’t forget any details and control your work well.

Chronus-MOD-APK2Chronus MOD APK – App Screenshot

Another detail that I like is the way the app highlights the most recent events by using a bold font, typeface, color, and color. Even if you only glance at your phone screen, these prompts can be easily read. This design lists all tasks for the day and highlights any upcoming ones. Well, now even if you want to forget, you can’t forget at all.

All back-end service will be optimized in one widget and not multiple separate widgets. Chronus can save you time, reduce your effort, and minimize the risk of missing important schedules or information.

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Main Features

All Versions:

  • Fully functional Flex, Flexible (Analog), Dash, Dash Clock+, Dash Clock+ (Dash), Clock+ (Dash), Dash Pixel+, Pixel2+. News, Tasks and Weather Widgets
  • All components can be customized to have a unique look and feel
  • Weather panel, Visual Crossing WeatherStack Weather Underground Weather Underground (PWS), Accuweather Weather and MET Norway Weather Providers
  • Notifications for Weather, Calendar, and Tasks
  • News Feed panel featuring built-in RSS sources. Pocket allows you to “Read it Later” with Pocket
  • Google Tasks supported by Tasks widget
  • Calendar panel showing a scrollable calendar listing upcoming events
  • Highlight the upcoming events of your calendar with bold fonts and custom colors
  • Widget settings can be restored and saved as backup
  • You can add any two (2) DashClock Extensions into the Flex and Dash’ widgets
  • Gmail, Missed calls, Calendar, and Text Messages Extensions built-in
  • Android Wear support, and a basic Chronus wear watchface
  • Can be used to provide weather information for LineageOS, CyanogenMod and derived Roms

Pro Features (In-app purchase):

  • Additional Widgets (Forecast and Calendar, Clock+ for Forecast (Forecast), Stocks)
  • Additional Weather Providers (Experimental).
  • Stock Alerts
  • Additional News providers: Reddit, Twitter, Feedly
  • Additional Tasks providers (Microsoft Exchange and Evernote),
  • All widgets have many more layout, style, color, and alignment options
  • To launch apps or other activities, you can set up custom Tap actions
  • Daydream screensaver
  • Unlimited DashClock Extensions
  • Full Chronus Wear watchface, with weather forecast

Chronus Reviews

Samson EmbladThis is exactly what I was looking for! You can customize a lot of templates even with the free version. We recommend it highly!

Melody MartinGreat app! It is great that I can customize my clock widget from my home screen. Keep up the good work!

Stuart AlfordExcellent interface. It is very customizable. Although the task widget shows my Google Tasks initially, after setting up, it does NOT sync any additional tasks or changes made back to Google. However, synchronization works in the opposite direction. Changes to Google tasks show up on the widget. 5 stars if this can be fixed.>>>Thank you to the developer for your response. Five stars.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Mike Chirico:Second Update – I was able to successfully update the stock information without losing any. I appreciate your time in looking into it, as well as the solution. It’s back to its former glory! Update – occurred again after the most recent update. This is extremely aggravating. After the last update, all stock data was lost. The restore function is not able to bring them back.

Download Chronus Information Widgets APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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