Publisher Bunnycompany,
Category Entertainment,
Latest Version 2.9.0
Size 67MB
MOD Features Allow Screen Record
Requirements Android 4.4 Network required+
Updated On March 11, 2022
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Bunny Live Introduction

Bunny Live MOD APK (Allow Screen Record), is the most popular live streaming app on the Android platform. It allows you to interact with hundreds and thousands of users and idols right from your mobile phone screen. Bunny Live has been in over 150 countries and is steadily growing. Every day, thousands of people join Bunny Live. You can join them and become an icon, share your stories, and be an inspiration.

The best live streaming platform

Bunny Live allows you to chat with other users and share your live stream. Once everyone has logged in, the system will create private rooms with the ID code. You can join chat rooms when you know a user’s ID or name.

You can communicate with the owner by comment as a guest, you can send messages to them in the message section on the left side and you can also see snippets from comments sent by others. Bunny Live MOD APK, like other streaming apps such as Spoon and Bigo Live, supports live streamers giving gifts. The coin can be used to purchase gifts or to give them to the room owner (idol).


Stream engaging content to engage viewers

You can also create chat rooms and stream them live to communicate with other people. But not everyone can be an idol. To register, you will need to complete a form. Developers will validate your information and determine if it is suitable. If successful, you’ll be given permission to create a live stream room, along with a few other perks.

An idol allows you to create a stream room and receive gifts from other people. These gifts can either be exchanged for coins or real money. Bunny Live is a great platform for making money with your talents.

Popular ways to draw viewers include singing, confiding in others, telling stories and playing games. If viewers are impressed by you, they can purchase a gift. Bunny Live integrates a room lock feature that supports idols. All members who want to be in the room will have to give at most one gift.

Idol interrelates with idol

Bunny Live is different from other live streaming apps. It allows idols to interact directly with users and other idols. This feature will display thumbnails of other idols in left corner. By clicking on the thumbnail, you can switch to their room. This is another way to increase viewership.

Connect with other idols

Bunny Live MOD APK is home to hundreds of thousands upon hundreds of thousands of idols. You can search for and connect with them through the app’s launcher. Bunny Live lists idols by many criteria including popularity, recent live stream, newly joined idols and most popular idols. Bunny Live’s live viewer allows you to make connections with random idols. To join their room, you just need to swipe up and down. These rooms aren’t locked automatically.

Be a super-fan

In addition to idols, they were also honored for their outstanding usage. Users who gift gifts will get bonus points. This condition allows them to become super fans. You will get special icons when you become a superfan. This will make the idol pay more attention.

What’s a horse?

Bunny-Live-MOD-APK2Bunny Live MOD APK – App Screenshot

“Horses” are the names for the mascots that make your live studio stand out even more. There are many “horses” in Bunny Live. You can choose between Lamborghini and Ford luxury cars, or other beasts like the fire dragon or tiger god.

Each item can be sold for between 500,000 and 2,000,000 coins. You can either deposit coins or get them from other users.

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Bunny Live Reviews

MOHAN KUMAR: It’s great, but please increase the number of Indian broadcasters. Please include Indian broadcasters in those listings.

Jonty Makwana: Amazing App. It’s very useful for girls who want to be naked. Do not add any banned functions. More girls

RAFLIS SAILORSTAR: Good. but i have a question. How do I find the broadcaster in another country?

Aslam Nmd: It’s great, but please don’t ask for login every time.

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