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Balance: Meditation & Sleep Introduction

Balance: Meditation & Sleep MOD APK (Subscribed) is the best specific and sequenced meditation guide application I’ve ever used. This app is perfect for someone who has a lot of work and is very busy.

What benefits does meditation have for you?

Each person will have their own opinion about the effects of meditation and how long they should be practicing it. Others seek inner peace and listen to their minds. People practice rhythmic breathing to improve flexibility and cleanse the body. Some people may be looking to improve their sleep quality and stress index, or just love the gentleness and lightness associated with this subject. But whatever your motivation is, you need a “reliable guide” that can always stay by your side.


In these sensitive times, when everyone is confined to their homes, finding a virtual “guide” is necessary. I searched for meditation apps that could be installed on my phone, but was disappointed. Some apps’ interfaces were too complicated, confusing or didn’t inspire me. When I thought I would give up and stop complaining about this, my college friend introduced me to Balance: Meditation & Sleep. It’s still used every day until now, when I sleep and when it’s time to practice.

Start the application

The simple thing I want to say about Balance: Meditation & Sleep is its interface. It’s as gentle and simple as the subject it is conveying with two colors white and tiffany blue. This design is perfect for anyone who appreciates minimalism.

Starting Balance: Meditation & Sleep, I was asked some basic questions for the application to determine the purpose of meditation and the current level of practice. It will then recommend the best course for me. The specific schedules and times will be sent to you once you’ve made your choice. They are detailed, systematic, and easily understood. Even if you are not a tech-savvy person, anyone can use it.

Balance is the key

You will be awarded a certificate confirming that you have achieved a certain level in the skill. Meditation practitioners will find these skills crucial to their long-term success. It’s like upgrading skills in a character RPG. Statistics on the “status quo” of each skill also gives you more motivation to step up the training process. This information can also be used to help you decide what skills will require more attention in the near future. It is obvious to review your time allocation for a skill with a low stat.

Exercises are planned well and done without stress

The exercises in Balance: Meditation & Sleep are organized in a 10-day plan with different skills according to individual goals and needs. If you work hard, your stats will improve and you’ll reach a higher rank.

Don’t worry about forgetting your practice time either. Balance: Meditation & Sleep has the function of sending you notifications to remind you according to your schedule in a gentle way. You will feel calm and ready to start practicing.

Inspirational music

Balance: Meditation & Sleep MOD APK uses two guiding voices: the male coach is Ofosu, and Leah is the female coach. These gentle, warm, and inspiring voices will gradually enter your mind. In general, i don’t require much about this in the tutorial section so this part is enough for me.

Balance-Meditation-&-Sleep-MOD-APK2Balance: Meditation & Sleep MOD APK – App Screenshot

Music is the most important part of any meditation program. Many meditation exercises of all levels in Balance: Meditation & Sleep are always accompanied by heart-melting music. Many kinds of music are available in the application’s sound library such as adventurous, romantic songs or the sound of rain… The more frequency you practice and connect with the app, the better the meditation music will be personalized. Simply it’s because now Balance: Meditation & Sleep has really understood what you like, what you want to listen to.

Balance: Meditation & Sleep MOD APK is also the place to focus all the most suitable sounds to lull you into a deep sleep. Thousands of audio files not only accompany you during the day’s meditations, but also help you sleep better. Everybody now has the time to enjoy their sleep.

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Main Features

  • Guided meditations personalized to your mood, goals and experience.
  • 10-day plans to help you deepen and develop your meditation skills
  • Use these bite-sized single meditations to get more from every moment
  • Research-backed activities that can help you relax and prepare to go to sleep.
  • You can earn badges to recognize your achievements in Singles, Plans, and Skills
  • Customizable session durations
  • New content is added frequently
  • For quick calm, try animated breathing exercises
  • Ten concrete meditation techniques that will help you build your practice: Body scan, Labeling, Breath Focus and more

Balance: Meditation & Sleep Reviews

Emily S: This app is very easy to use for a beginner like me. Some things are locked, but they may not be relevant to me at this point. Unlocked meditations are great for beginners. I love the way the app suggests things throughout my day. I was in a slump at midday today, and the app suggested a Midday Relaxation session. It already knows what I need, before I even notice! It’s great to have fun with myself!

Jamie-Lee Stain: This is a great way for you to tune in with your body and breathe. It can help you relax, reset, and be present. It is a great experience to be guided through the meditation process, especially for someone who has never meditated before. I feel relaxed and energized. This app was recommended to me by a friend. I love it and would recommend it 10/10!

Kate Eileen Marie: The best meditation application on the Google Play Store. The variety of singles and plans are great. I like that I can choose the skills I want to learn more. The scientific information helps you understand each topic in greater detail. It’s amazing that new meditations are added regularly. This app is the only one I would spend a lot of money on. These are some great lessons.🌞

Download Balance: Meditation & Sleep APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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