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Get It On Google Play Introduction MOD APK (Premium unlocked) is an Android productivity app developed by an Israeli-based firm. The Israelis are a scientific nation. So To do list, Task, Reminders & Planner stands out on top for a reason.

Which era are you living in?

The world in which we live, from the moment we were born, is already past time. Only those who are able to make the most of their time and use it scientifically will have any advantages. With so many information being processed every day, and the dizzying intensity of it all, how can we manage everything with just a pen and a notebook?

The answer is not immediate. The development of technology should at the very minimum aid humankind’s advancement. Technology can make you more productive. A to-do list is a good idea, as are daily reminders. While it may sound simple, if you think about the amount work that goes into a week, which can sometimes be hundreds, taking notes will seem like a waste. You will need to have a reliable technology application on your mobile phone, which you can use daily.

What is

You can find many apps that will help you organize your time, make notes and keep track of everything. Which app has been voted the best by Google Play editors and is currently the #1? Today I will share with everyone about To do list, Task, Reminders & Planner, the best daily note application on iOS and Android platforms. MOD APK is a minimalistic tool that allows you to quickly create to-do lists for each day and month, organize your goals and then integrate them with an integrated calendar, which includes reminders and checking. It can be described as the right-hand man of busy people, without any assistants.

What is the work of

Organise tasks and to do lists MOD APK makes it easy to schedule and plan your days. You can make a quick daily note about what you will do the next day or for any other day in the month. These tasks will be automatically included in on the correct date. You can view all of your work for the next 3 working days or as monthly notes. MOD APK can automatically organize jobs imported from the beginning that correspond to a particular time zone. It can arrange them vertically or horizontally so that you can better manage your time. This is the feature that I like the most during sprint days.

You can also highlight each job’s importance/priority manually. This will cause the app to rearrange itself.

You have many options for reminder mode

Each task corresponds to a reminder mode. You can choose to have the reminder set up before work for as long as you like, and it will remember and remind you according the the scheduled time. It is possible to set up any number of reminders, such as ringing a whistle or a bell, to remind you about a job in A message can be sent to your mobile phone. You can use the automatic voice calendar reminders from the application.

Sync seamlessly feature MOD APK can synchronize all to do lists automatically. It means that notes and options are not lost but can be synchronized with any other notes. It syncs with Google’s, Facebook, Twitter,, and WhatsApp calendars.

A small feature of allows you to send a to-do email to your private email address or Outlook. Attach files, photos and a Google Drive link. All these details are great for modern work.

Sharing information, assigning job responsibilities and supporting teamwork MOD APK – App Screenshot

To share your in-app tasks and schedule with family and friends, you can also share it with colleagues. This allows them to either join your teamwork, or keep it short and simple.

One reason I use every day is its integration with other popular apps, such as Google Calendar and Outlook, Google Tasks, Evernote. Wunderlist. Todoist. Zapier, Asana. Microsoft to do. Salesforce, OneNote. Google Assistant. Office 365. Exchange. Jira.

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Ares Nguyen: It’s simple to use. It’s also very affordable. Even though I prefer a payment plan that lasts a lifetime.

Bảo Châu Ngọc: This app is great. The only suggestion I have is to make the Daily Planner and Reminder popup look more professional. The current popup is great if a phone has a physical navigation bar. These popups are a bit odd for phones that have a software navigation bar. You can make it look more like a Google card by making it hover from bottom to both sides and leaving a little space between them. Great app!

Daniela Silva: This app is the best I have tried. I’ve tried more than 15 apps. It’s easy to use and not too confusing. For me, the highlights are “All tasks” & “Next 7 Days”. However, I would improve a few things such as adding another option to the calendar. This would be a timetable or an overview of the week. My biggest issue with the app is the absence of a perpetual sub-option. This would be something I would definitely choose, and I’d happily use any. Do for good.

Download - To do list & Calendar APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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