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Updated On February 11, 2022
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Always on: Edge Music Lighting Introduction

Always On: Edge Music lighting MOD APK (Pro Unlocked), is an indie app that many people don’t know about. It allows you to create beautiful music vignettes and play music from any music program.

It is the strangest application that I have ever encountered

You are a highly-skilled perfectionist who owns a high-end smartphone and adores style. At the same time, you also love music with the motto “can’t live without music”, I think this is the app you need on your phone.

Although it has a small capacity, there are no other phones that can compare to the new ones. However, the benefits and effects that it brings is greater than you could ever imagine.

The main function of Always On: Edge Music Lighting MOD APK, is that it displays visual effects based on music played from any music application. You might find it confusing. Well, let look at these three images, you will understand what “music visual effects” are. Notice the purple-black gradient border on the image? The application has a number of different border effects.


Although it is a small app, the excitement is endless

These effects can be triggered at any time. Which of course, they will “dance”, change color according to the tone of the music is playing and according to some of your previous customizations.

This app makes music more enjoyable. Cool music, a great headphone, and a screen that is slanted like a real DJ are all ways to chill.

Always On: Edge Music Lighting MOD APK is not picky about any type of phone or tablet screen, as long as your phone playing music, it can connect and handle all. All you have to do is choose your style and let it shine.

All music apps on Android supported

First, Always On: Edge Music Lighting MOD APK is only compatible with music players. The developer optimized Always On: Edge Music lighting to be compatible with any music player around the world. The effects appear at the edges of your screen when you turn on the music from that app. Both online and offline modes are supported.

AOD feature

They invented AOD, which is a special feature that allows beautiful music effects to be displayed even when the screen’s off. The screen was black but the music still plays loudly and the edges twinkle.

You can choose vignettes or effects that suit your style

You can freely choose from hundreds of different designs of music edge effects in Always On: Edge Music Lighting’s setting and you will be able to enjoy many of these effects, and it is not easy to find them all. These effects are constantly growing, and the developer keeps them updated. There are many options:

  • Color
  • Light tone
  • Light transition effect
  • The Pattern
  • The corner is displayed on the screen
  • Speed of conversion of light effects

Even with an existing track, you can use the app’s Pick tool to extract a strange color from the album cover of that song. The system will remove the album cover color tones that you have not customized to make the basic effects.

In the process of using, if you like a certain color tone, you can save it in the “Palette Collection” on Always On: Edge Music Lighting.

Display the information that you need on your home screen

You can control what information is displayed on the main screen about the music, such as:

  • Name of song/source/artist/lyrics
  • Select the location where this information will appear on your screen.
  • Blurring of the background and keeping Always On ON active.
  • To keep your attention on other tasks, hide information about songs that are already played.
  • This option is for pages where Always On: Edge Music lighting displays an edge effect. You can choose to make other pages, but the default screen is always your home screen.

Always-On-Edge-Music-Lighting-MOD-APK2Always On: Edge Music Lighting MOD APK – App Screenshot

It is easy to use. It takes only a few seconds to install, then you can turn it on and start using it. To choose from different effects, click on Setting. You can also select the display mode for song information.

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Always On: Edge Music Lighting Reviews

Shawn SQ Zhang: It is beautiful and I love the customizations. There’s plenty to choose from! 2. Without any issues, it works on my Samsung Galaxy 21 Ultra. It worked flawlessly on my Samsung Galaxy 21 Ultra. I was able to play some music last night without any issues. 3. The album art visualiser works fine, except when I go back and forth to the previous song. It does not revert to the colour of that track’s artwork. Could this be a bug? It is possible to move forward. 4. Sometimes, it stops me from interfacing with apps such as the Play Store.

Alex Dickhaus: Anyone with an edge-lit phone should immediately download this app! It doesn’t have a lot of options but it has enough to keep it fresh, it is very simple and easy to use, with simple patterns that give it a relaxed feel. It makes your phone much more pleasant to look at even if it is a small accent on the screen.

Jeramy Gowan: This is the app that I have been searching for. It is a great visualization for anyone who likes to listen to music and see their device react to it.

Download Always On: Edge Music Lighting APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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