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Latest Version 12.8
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Requirements Android+
Updated On February 24, 2022
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Advanced Download Manager Introduction

Advanced Download Manager MOD APK (Pro Unlocked), is the best Android download manager you can find on Google Play. Easily download large files like movies, APK files, videos, OBB files… with the powerful features of Advanced Download Manager.

What is Advanced Download Manager?

Advanced Download Manager MOD APK, a popular Android app, is a good choice for you if you are familiar with IDM support on a desktop computer. AdvanceApp’s application has quickly reached the number of 50 million users according to Google Play statistics, and that number is growing rapidly every day. You can quickly and easily download files using the application’s powerful features.

Advanced Download Manager offers some remarkable features


Three times faster download speeds

Many people download movies from the internet and then watch them at their leisure. This method allows you to watch movies without buffering, as sometimes the internet connection is not stable at home. If you choose to download the file using the normal method, it may take several hours for it to complete. Advanced Download Manager will speed up the process and make it more pleasant.

How? If you download a file through Advanced Download Manager, the application’s algorithm will split the file into 9 parts, making data transfer up to three times faster than normal download. You can also download files quickly because the application maximizes your transmission speed and resources.

You can download three files at once

Advanced Download Manager MOD APK supports simultaneous downloads of up to three files. Although the speed of each file may decrease, it will not be significantly slower. This feature is useful for those who need to download multiple episodes. You can’t always wait for your phone to finish downloading an episode to start downloading the next episode.

Click the link to get the mp4 file from your browser

Advanced Download Manager MOD APK makes it easy to download mp3, MP4 files from your browser. It works with top websites like Youtube and vimeo. The program supports many video file formats, including m3u8, MPDASH, and mp4. After converting the file, you can open it and enjoy it anytime.

Torrent download support

Advanced Download Manager allows users to easily download and share files. Once you have downloaded a file, Advanced Download Manager will make it easy for others to do the same. This network allows you to download files from seeders near you, allowing you to download files quicker.

Elegant interface

Advanced Download Manager is very user-friendly. It uses two main colors: green and white. The interface layout is simple, elegant and manageable. You can tap or swipe to reveal the toolbar, which is located on the left side. There are only two folders on the main screen: download files and downloaded files. Click the plus icon to download the file.

Advanced Download Manager runs in the background. While you use other apps, the download is automatically transparent so that it doesn’t interfere with your screen.

Dark mode

Advanced Download Manager offers an eye protection mode, which allows you change your look to Dark Mode. To change to a dark theme, enable Dark Mode in the menu.

When the download is finished, be sure to take a look at it

Advanced-Download-Manager-MOD-APK2Advanced Download Manager MOD APK – App Screenshot

Advanced Download Manager will notify you via sound and vibration when your file has finished downloading. ADM will let you download your file, and then you can do your work. ADM will take care of everything else.

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Advanced Download Manager Reviews

Bry4n ́93: One of the most popular and comparable to IDM for PC. This makes it so easy to use if your internet connection is slow or intermittent. The downloads don’t appear to conflict like browsers. It has a built-in TORRENT downloadinger and a browser, which is amazing by itself

Bohdi Flint: This app is my favorite. This app is amazing. You did a great job.. My only suggestion is to make the instructions more understandable for those who cannot read or don’t know how to. (That’s me) Thank you

Popping Sana: Some bugs are in this..we are faced with lots of problems while downloading something…while switching to another network..its still not working download is not resume..

Hatrius Lim:It is unclear why the app browser makes me switch to chinese, despite my native language being english. They should be able to resolve this issue soon. I have no complaints about this app, and it could easily be 5 stars or more off the chart, if I could rate it as high as possible. p.s. This issue can be fixed and the rating will go up to 5 stars. In the meantime, stay at 4.

Download Advanced Download Manager & Torrent downloader APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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