Fishing Life Mod Apk

Download Fishing Life Mod Apk 0.0.120 (Unlimited Coins)

Introduction Game

Fishing Life Mod APK (Unlimited Coins, No Ads) latest version free download for Android. This is a fun fishing game for mobile phones, as a fisherman, your task in Fishing Life is to catch the fish swimming in the ocean to receive coins.

The first impression that players feel when downloading and experiencing Fishing Life is that the game graphics are very beautiful. You will be attracted at first sight by the sharpness and delicate coordination between colors and graphic objects in the game. Moreover, it is combined with attractive features that will surely satisfy you completely.

Join Fishing Life, Fishing Life players will play the role of a fisherman and experience the feeling of catching beautiful fish in the deep sea. You might come across special types of fish such as rays, yellow sharks, and mermaids that only appear in legends. Catch them and they will bring you attractive rewards.

Fishing Life players will use nets and guns to catch fish instead of fishing rods as in conventional fishing games. Adjusting the shooting direction, your net will be launched to catch fish. The fish in the net will belong to you and they will correspond to a bonus. If you like popular fishing games like Fishing Shooting, Fishing Life is an indispensable game in your collection.

3X3XA2b - Fishing Life 0.0.120 (Unlimited Coins)Fishing Life APK

Main Features

  • You can fish beautiful fish, scary sharks and big whales just with simple control.
  • Enjoy the beautiful sunset and the moonlight that fade into the sea.
  • It presents the beautiful scenes of the sunrise and moonset as time goes by.
  • The sound of the waves heals your heart.
  • The natural ASMR waves sound brings you to the carefree sea.
  • Try to put your fish in the aquarium. Even just looking at them makes you feel at ease.
  • Enjoy your own fishing while getting changed to different clothes.
  • It’s ok to just get on the boat and go to the sea.
  • Various boats will take you further into the sea.

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Reviews Of Game

Aaron J: A pretty fun and addictive game. The music is honestly my favorite part. A decent variety of fish and several different levels. Gameplay is simple. Ads are a bit much, save for the aquarium recharge which is understandable. The microtransactions are a bit costly, specifically ad removal. Doesnt take much time to finish the index, thus you are left with little to do which is my only true complaint. A very good time killer, but could use regular updates adding more variety in fish, more levels.

Michael Gray: I enjoy the game, the music, and the scenery. I also enjoy the challenge of reeling in the big one, but the only challenge is getting the bait to the fish. There’s no resistance, no chance of it getting away, and no chance of breaking a line. A suggestion would be to allow the use of already caught fish as bait, and the option to sell fish individually, rather than all at once. That way, one could cash in the little ones, and save the bigger ones for bait or the aquarium while saving for a slot.

Koray Y: Great game. Easy to level up. First update your character to max, then put a lot of high star fish to your tank (that’s where money comes from). Use items to get bigger fish. Sell the expensive ones, keep the more star ones in tank, use cheaper ones as bait. Upgrade your equipment to catch bigger fish. I maxed out character and boat in 4 days. Also watch ads to get gold. I can catch any fish I want with some patience an tactics… For the developers: Why I can’t use the fish in my net as bait???